Friday, December 26, 2008

Homemade Christmas Gifts

In an effort to save money this year and actually have something under the tree for the kids, I made them alot of things. One of those things was a 'closet' or 'wardrobe' for Jenna's doll clothes. I had looked at them all over and they ranged from $40 to $140 a piece. Now mine isn't made of wood, but with a box, some leftover fabric from Jenna's 'closet doors' (aka curtains) and some scraps of trim and a few (wo)man hours and a little help from Cody and David, Jenna has a really cute place to store her doll clothes. I used a box that I had. Cut my fabric to size and ironed on some 'wonder under' then literally ironed the fabric to the box, it worked just great. I covered the edges with some trim, used a little fabric glue/fray check along the edges. David cut a dowel rod (the only thing we had to buy for this project) to the right length and screwed it in place. The inside was lined with clip art and and things that Cody found and downloaded then printed off from the computer, they were lightly glued in place and then we covered the whole inside with clear contact paper that I had. (fyi-- we reinforced the interior of the box so it is all double layered cardboard, actaully VERY STURDY!) The knobs on the front and the handle on the top David found in the bottom of 'my' tool box, from some time when I had updated some cabinet doors, I think from back when we lived in the trailer.
The hangers were another invention, even the little doll clothes hangers were plenty high priced, I thought. So with a spool of floral wire that I had on hand I made several hangers. I was worried about the ends, so I covered the whole hanger in ribbon (that I also had on hand) They look very cute. Jenna just loves the closet, and we have her doll clothes hanging inside and she found a little 'mini' basket that fits in the bottom and its holding the doll shoes. I wonder where she gets her 'inventive-ness' hmmmm Anyway, wanted to share a picture, as I have told several about this project and I wanted to share a little about the finished project.
From Tulip~

Christmas Celebrations, half way through

Although it's the day after Christmas, as far as the calendar is concerned it's still Christmas here. We have carolled with Church, we've went to Christmas Eve service, Santa's been here, and we've had Christmas with my parents. But we still have Christmas with David's family, the Barnes Christmas and lots of neighbor gifts to deliver, so Christmas is still in 'full swing' here. My kids have really surprised me this year. I worried that they might be disappointed with the gifts, as we made a point to stay within our budget this year and pretty well did it. The number of gifts was about he normal, but there were many more made gifts and smaller lesser expensive things. But you know the kids didn't seem to mind, there wasn't any 'hmm I didn't ask for this or where's the (fill in blank) that I asked for' They seemed to be truly grateful. For that I felt blessed.

Highlights of the days so far have been:

Cody is beside himself about the three sports history documentaries that he got: St Louis Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs, and Indianapolis Colts, that surprised me, I had no idea he'd be so excited. Bought all three on an Amazon sale for $5.99 each!

Sam has enjoyed the 'build it yourself, design your own' lego set that he got, it was half the price of the 'branded' Lego series that are out there.

Jenna is enjoying the bead set and making necklaces, etc. (Dollar General find for $3)

Seth, well God love him has colored up a storm with his crayons and color books from probably Dollar General as well, can't remember bought them back in the summer thinking it would entertain him on a trip drivng, then didn't end up going and they were in the 'gift' stash, so they go wrapped.....
I sewed up a storm for the last month or more and so far those gifts have been loved so that's cool too. Teachers loved journal covers, Mom did too. Brittany loved her knitting needle holder, Riddick and Trinity's stocking were well received. All four kids are currently wearing the Pajama pants that I made them (they are all asleep) I am looking forward to Grandma and Gladys getting their quilts, DH's sisters getting their runners and journal covers, plus the kids getting their blankets.
I am proud to say that I have 'used up' a large portion of my fabric supply this year and created some great gifts, that cost me no 'extra' money in this time that we are going through with everyone having to tighten belts. I was thrilled to still be able to give 'great stuff'
David and I didn't exchange gifts this year. We put the $$ towards some updates for our bathroom, which is sorely needed. WE are getting a new medicine cabinet, light and exhaust fan. Then we will use the paint that I bought awhile back and finish it off. We feel truly blessed that we don't really 'need' anything and can focus our energy on doing things for our home instead of stressing out about buying gifts.
Since my Christmas cards are mostly still laying here on the desk, unmailed, Merry Christmas to everyone, and hopefully you'll get it soon and can call it a New Years card...........
The boys are wrestling in their first tournament tomorrow and the rest of the house is asleep and that's where I should be as well, so From Tulip~
PS--for anyone who doesn't know, those are the 'cousins' my kids and Wayne's two taken last night at Mom and Dad's (Trinity was very relaxed and spent most of her first Christmas as expected, ASLEEP! Although she and her Aunt K hung out for awhile, which was GREAT!)

Friday, December 19, 2008

Yes EVEN Cody sat on Santa's Lap

I thought maybe Cody would have decided that he was TOO OLD for this great tradition, but as traditions go, he had to take part in a long standing Tulip tradition, where if you want the 'treat' bag, I gotta talk to Santa and Tulip Kids have been going up to talk to Santa way up into their teens, I can even think of few 20somethings who've been up there. Hard telling what they discussed, but Cody took his turn.

Sam and Santa

I am sure, although I couldn't hear it, that most of Sam's gifts could be traced back to one or more of the following themes, Legos, Star Wars, or Playstation 2 games. And the ultimate, I have been informed SEVERAL times would be Lego Star Wars, The Video Game for Playstation 2. Do you think Santa could keep all of that straight? Time will tell, I suppose. ;)

Seth and Santa

Seth was very brave and marched right up there and told Santa alot of stuff, of course the few things I could hear were definitely last minute additions, so I hope Santa was listening closely and taking good notes. Of course at this age, ALL presents are exciting, thank goodness!!

Jenna and Santa

Last Sunday evening we had our church Christmas program and we were 'surprised' at the end of the program with a special guest. Santa popped in to say hello and visit with the kids to double check on any last minute requests. I think this might be the first year that Jenna would willingly go and sit on his lap since her first Christmas. She definitely had a long list for him.

Jason and Marshall Kable

Jason and Marshall were in the parade tonight. That's one of our tractors, pulling a rake. I wish I had better pictures, it was hard to find a setting on my camera that was right for the lighting. It was dark, but there were street lights, and headlights and obviously ALOT of Christmas lights, but we managed to get a few decent pictures.

The Tractor Parade

The Centralia Young Farmers have started a new tradition at Christmas time the night time lighted tractor parade. We didn't go last year, the inaugural year, but we went th is evening. I tried to take some pictures without much success, I am posting a few. The Sprayer is from MFA. The boys were fired up abou this and think that next year we need to enter a tractor, we'll see, not sure if we can come up with anything, stay tuned.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Pretzel Wreaths

I have spent the day at school today. Seth and I took the supplies to make these wreaths in both Sam's 4th grade classroom and also Jenna's Kindergarten room. I didn't get the chance to take pictures while there, as I was too busy. I always hate that about those events where you are too busy to actually take pictures to remember it by. So my picture of the sample with have to do, I suppose. Anyone interested in making these, they are totally simple. 10 little 'knot' pretzels, your choice of white or milk chocolate or the Wilton's candy melts, (I found red and green at Michaels) Dipping the 'double' side of the pretzel into the melted chocolate, then arrange them on a paper plate or wax paper into a circle, using five pretzels on each layer. The top layer I offset to sort help 'glue' the whole thing together. They harden in about 10 minutes in the freezer or probably 45 minutes to an hour sitting out. I have made them before with the 'mini' M&M's as the 'ornaments' One year we tried shoestring licorice as the ribbon, I can't remember, but I don't think we had super great luck with that. Totally simple project even little kids can do, the Kindergarteners had no more problem creating these than the 4th graders, they were just short for reaching across the table at school, but it worked really well. (note for any beginners, melt the chocolate in a heavy stoneware bowl, in 1 minute increments in the microwave, stirring in between, shouldn't take more than about three times. ) Also another FYI, the one pound bag of Rold Gold pretzels, made 20 wreaths......
Now I should really get back to projects here at home, before the kids get here. (BTW, no freezing rain YET!!!)
From Tulip~

Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal Covers

I went to a class at Material Girl Quilt Shop several weeks ago and learned how to make journal covers. It's a really cute fabric cover for the 'composition' sized note books. I am planning to try and cover different sizes, but for Christmas gifts, decided to stick with the original size. These are so fun and quick, it feeds my need/obsession to 'design' a 'quilt' I love the hunt, finding fabrics that go together and also love the piecing, but am not generally patient enough to actually quilt a a project and since you don't actually quilt in this project, ALL THE BETTER! Pictured are four different ones that I made. I made two others that I forgot to snap a pic of before they got wrapped, so maybe they will show up on here AFTER Christmas.

Locals, if you are looking for fun projects to entertain yourself with this winter, go to Meredith's Quilt Shop link from here on my blog, which is the Material Girl Quilt Shop, or just stop by. I know that she has several more classes scheduled starting in January through early Spring. Tell her I told you to come in!!

Well the kids are home today from school as the roads are slick and its bitterly cold, so I think we are going to play catch up on housework and laundry and I just know that they can't wait to get started, so I better close!!! ;)

From Tulip~


Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread House

Send my Mom of the week star! I let Sam talk me into buying a Gingerbread house kit. And as you see we decorated it. I let the kids do this by themselves, so it's their creation, at least Sam, Jenna and Seth. Cody wasn't interested, I am thinking there was probably a football game on TV competing for his attention! Anyway we are 'merrily' (sarcasm intented!) working our way throught the holiday season. With one fun activity after another. (refer to the above note) I know that we are making great memories and I try to remind myself of that as I was 'chipping' dried icing off the table that had almost cemented the gingerbread house in place that night! My kids were really fired up about the gingerbread being edible until they tried it....... Maybe next year we will bake our own. Maybe not........time will tell.

I have to take this moment to BRAG, I think I am done shopping or if not done VERY CLOSE!! WOO HOO!!!

That's not to say I am just sitting back and waiting around for Christmas, I don't have cards done or baking or sewing, but I have 'part' of the work done, so for that I am THRILLED! I would love to add some pictures of some of my creations, but I am not really sure who all is following this, so not ruin any surprises, I guess I will wait to post those pictures till after Christmas. But know that my sewing machine, has ran EVERYDAY for the last month and I still h ave alot more to go!!
Well I see as I type, that picture finally uploaded, gotta love that slow dial up, going to close for now, tonight is practice for the Church Christmas Program and about a million other things, you know same old, same old around here.
From Tulip~

Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Tree

We decorated our Christmas Tree last night. Does everyone else go down memory lane every year withyour ornaments? I do. Guess it's made me feel 'nostalgic' this evening. I have been very blessed with family and friends who have over the years given us beautiful ornaments that have helped us relive and remember good times or times in our lives. I blog about things that I feel strongly about and what a great thing to share some of our favorite ornaments an the story behind them.

I have a set of 20 ornaments, dated from 1980 to 2000. They came from, in the first year or two, my Aunts Olivia and Ethel. They signify life changes that happened throughout those years. Starting in 1989, David has ornaments, in 1990 Aunt Ethel made us a 'Our first Christmas', with our wedding date on a wedding bell ornament. Cody has ornaments from 1994 on, and Sam from 1998 on. There was the year that Aunt Ethel moved to Texas and the ornament is a cowboy hat. After that year the ornaments changed from ceramic ones to wooden to better withstand being mailed to us. Most of them were little mice in winter wear, there was one that was ice skating, one that is leaning over a chalkboard. Several years they were mice or teddy bears. The very first one was a Snowman. This year that snowman is on a little bitty tree on top of my refrigerator, as he kind fits the theme of my kitchen, which is Coca Cola so the snowmen and Santas are here and there among the Coke things.
We have many ornaments that were given to our children over the years. The boys have enough ornaments among them that they have their own tree. From Batman to the 101 Dalmations, to Scooby doo and the St Louis Cardinals their tree is their own creation, filled with their memories. Jenna, who also has her own tree, opted to 'borrow' several of my 'old' ornaments.
Our tree (s) certainly are a reflections of our life and our passions. There's one from my favorite Christmas movie, 'It's a Wonderful Life' There are several farm themed or tractor ornaments. There's Americana ornaments, stars and flags. There's ornaments to remind of us of places we have been, things that we love and so many stories that I am not even sure I could tell them all. It's is one of my goals to 'write all the stories' of our ornaments for my children. With my passion for scrapbooking, I even bought a really cool Christmas Album one year with ornaments on the front of it. Hopefully one day, I will get it done. But days like today, just getting the tree decorated seems like such a big challenge, that one might have to wait till our tree is sized back to 'just' mine and David's ornaments......... but I think that will be shame as there such good stories in all those ornaments that will leave with my kids, hopefully I will get it done and SOON. As Sam and I drove to do some errands today, we were talking about things (I love taking him with me alone, as then HE really talks ALOT and I love that!) We figured out in talking about currents events and mention of the new President, that Cody will be able to vote for the NEXT President. That was one of THOSE moments for me, that wow, OMG my kids are growing up. Made me really relish decorating our home today for the coming holiday with them as there won't be many more of those years where we are all here to decorate the tree, where I tell them the stories that I have told them every year of the ornaments on our tree. Maybe my New Years Resolution will be to make that album, maybe I can have them help me, while they still are around to.
Told ya I was feeling nostalgic today.
From Tulip~

Monday, December 1, 2008

Little 'Angle' Girls

Don't have time this morning to write a long blog, but wanted to share a picture of a couple of little angels........... Jenna Claire whose last name might be Hasekamp, but anyone who knew me about 30 yrs ago would swear her name should be Angle! And the absolute thrill of Thanksgiving Day for her, holding her new little cousin, Trinity. I had to wait a long time for a 'girl' cousin, 11 yrs! Jenna was very lucky not have to wait that long. She picked out the outfit that Trinity has on, right up Jenna's alley, pink and brown and cowgirl themed, Trinity I hope you realize that as long as your cousin is picking it out, you have no choice, you're gonna be a cowgirl! I would love to write all about our thankful Thanksgiving, and we had a great one, hopefully I will get the opportunity soon!

So, from Tulip~


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counting my Blessings

With Thanksgiving looming on us quickly, I thought this was the perfect opportunity list my blessings, and there are alot so bare with me!
I am thankful for four beautiful children who entertain me, frustrate me, laugh with me, make me cry (mostly in the good way) have wonderful and different personalities. I couldn't be any luckier unless there was more (which is pretty unlikely, BTW)
I am thankful for my husband, who's my best friend, my lover, the guy who makes me maddest and gladdest (is gladdest a word?) all in one.
I am thankful for my parents. They are my number one biggest fans, they totally support anything I do, no matter how crazy they have thought some of the things were. They always encourage me and remind me often that even on those days I wonder if anyone does, SOMEONE loves me!
My baby brother, I can remember wondering what mom and dad were thinking, they had a perfect kid and then went and had another, ugh!!! But now you're my best bud, we can talk or not talk and we totally know what the other one needs and we try to be each other's solution, not their problem.
I am thankful to be 37 years old and have a grandmother who is my best friend, who I talk to 3 or 4 times a day, everyday. We talk about cooking, sewing, parenting, and just stuff. My grandma is the coolest lady I know!
I am thankful for my aunts, they are my 'second' moms and I love them for all that they do for me, whether its a shoulder to cry on or just someone to gossip with, I am very blessed as I have FIVE of them!! O,E,K,L, and P~hugs to you!!
My uncles, OMG, where do I start, from the one who was my big brother growing up, to the one who delights in scares my kids with his false teeth (just like he did us as kids!), to my Anchor Fest co-worker, to 'Ugly' (yes you're hair is on straight) and my almost birthday buddy and my actual birthday buddy, man have I got some cool ones. Of course I was thankful to have a really super cool one, who's watching my boys play sports from a play way up high and I know he'd just love to see them.
I can't go through and name everything about all of my cousins, 'cause I'd never get through it. 15 first cousins, plus steps, plus more....... but you all have such a special place in my life. From fishing with the Angle cousins and always having those great times at Wilson park, to cruising with E.D. being thrilled when that girl (then that second one) cousin arrived, I love you all very much, and I am glad that you are part of my life.
Friends, how do you start counting friends, you'd never catch them all, but here's a few, you know who you are, the ones I scrapbook with, the ones I grew up with, the ones that I email, the ones that I talk to on the phone ten times a day, the ones that I sit with at school/sports functions, the ones I go to church with and so many more.
I know that so far I have only mentioned people, well there are alot of things that I am thankful for as well, some of them being,
a home
to live in a free country where even if we don't like how things go, we have the right to choose
I can attend the church of my choice, worship how I choose whenever I wish to
I can feed my family healthy nutricious food, or junk, again my choice!
And there are so many more things, but I just don't think that I can list them all.
I am glad that I have this forun to share these thoughts, and I am very thankfully counting my blessing here tonight,
From Tulip~

Friday, November 21, 2008

Misc Ramblings

I feel like I always have all these little tidbits to add to this and then never get it done, because it doesn't seem like a developed enough idea to add it to the blog, so this blog will just alot of updates and odds and ends......
Our magazine is out at least to subscribers. I got my subscriber copy yesterday. I love it, maybe it's because I love the subjects. But I was really thrilled with the finished product, I was a little involved with the editting, sometimes it's just interesting to see someone else's take on what we do. Locals, the Centralia grocery stores are both going to try and get extra copies. I have discovered that HyVee and Gerbes in Columbia both usually carry it as well as Barnes and Noble. I would venture the guess that any store that carries a large variety of magazines will have it. I believe eventually it will be for sale on the website, as there is a link to order the current issue, but right now it's still offering Oct/Nov.
Okay for anyone not local who might not know I don't think I ever mentioned the end of the football season for Centralia. The 8th grade boys ended out 4-2, which I thought was a very successful year, they lost to Troy, who had about 100 boys and I am guessing is a much larger school and I don't have any opinion on the Macon game as I didn't go, but Cody says that have a running back (I think remember my football knowledge) that was a super star and was unstoppable..........
The High School team ended up the District Champions and the Conference Champions. Their season ended at Regionals with a loss to Blair Oaks. They had another phenomenial (sp?) year, we are all proud of them.
Now wrestling has begun, High School and the club have started practices. The Open house is Monday night and we are looking forward to a new sport getting started. As I know of them I will post the boys' tournaments on the side bar. There are only 4 8th graders this year, so Cody and compnay will have a big responsibility of leading the rest of the club, I feel confident that they will rise to the occasion. Seems like the club is smaller this year, but I have been in there when the younger boys practice, I may be very surprised when I see the whole group together. The boys weighed the other night and if they were in the same age group (and THANK GOD they aren't) they could probalby wrestle each other, Cody is 116 and Sam is 111 (and YES four years apart in age, but built so differently) Not sure when to say the first tournament will be that they will participate in, because there are ALOT of Sunday ones, which we aren't thrilled about, ours is now on Feb 8th, which is also a Sunday. Getting an available date that wasn't another teams tournament, not a High School tournament, not a Freshman basketball game, you get the picture........
I am getting alot of Christmas shopping and sewing done. I am looking forward to my annual shopping trip with my college friend Toma, we are trying to work out the details. We giggle and go out to eat and sometimes actually shop, but we do this every year and sometimes thats the only time we get together. I am glad that we do get together. I don't know if I am feeling nostalgic or what, but I have been craving time spent with friends and family who seem to far flung from us. Was telling Kimberly how much I missed Kenneth Earl today, you know its bad when I am whining about not seeing his ornery @$$ :)
Okay so since I have mentioned it in this blog, Trinity is cute little sweet pea. I have spent some time with her and her brother and her momma this week. We had Riddick stay the night here one night, to help his momma get a little more sleep and rest up some. Seth and I went down one day and helped her do some things around the house and we've regularly checked in on them this week. Seems like everyone is doing really good. We are celebrating Riddicks third birthday tomorrow night at the pool hall for which I am baking a 'Lightning McQueen' birthday cake.
We've had 4+ deer shot off of our land during fire arms deer season, Jason shot one of them and right now David is cutting up the meat, which we will enjoy this winter. David and the boys have went a few times, but not with much luck.
This coming Sunday David, Cody, Sam and my Dad will go and watch the KC Chiefs football game, I guess they are looking forward to it, mostly they are trying to figure what they will wear to stay warm. It's 4H Day at the Chiefs and the tickets were available at a very discounted rate, so they are going to go.
Well since I have sat down to type, everyone has suddenly gotten 'needy' so I must close this entry. I am looking forward to the holdiay season, actually looking forward to getting out the boxes and boxes of decorations and starting to do some baking and all of that.
From Tulip~
PS~Happy 6th Birthday, Brennan and Brayden Swann in Houston, TX!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are on the Web!

Hey there,
Well Farm and Ranch Living has updated their website to feature the Dec 08 / Jan 09 edition of their magazine, which is the one that we are diarists in. The following link will take you to a slide of pictures from our story. The magazines should available very soon. I believe I have read the stories online before as although ours isn't on there yet, it may be after the next magazine is out, not sure, anyway, I was just very excited to share!
Here's the link:

Go and check us out!
From Tulip~

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trinity Leigh Angle

Riddick is a big brother! At 10:48 am this morning, Trinity Leigh Angle arrived. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. She's got some blondish brown hair. She has already proved that she's related to her father and is hard headed. She apparently didn't care for that whole upside down thing that babies are supposed to do and instead was sitting on her bottom in there, so the doctors tried to turn her this morning and she didn't like that either, so she arrived via C-section. I think that she had her Daddy more than a little nervous, but everyone is fine and dandy now. I am going to say that she must favor her momma, I compared her pictures with Riddicks newborn ones and she looks a little like him, but I thought that he looked 'just like my babies' which Marshall (nephew on David's side!) disproved that theory this spring, because he REALLY looks like my kids............ so the jury is still out on who she looks like, so stay tuned I guess!

Jenna is very anxious to see her, the boys yeah maybe, they are boys. Seth and Riddick are staying all night together at my parents tonight, we'll see if Grandma Linda survives. wish her luck! I guess afterschool tomorrow we will go and check her out, so watch for further reports.

BTW, they are Regional Hosp in Columbia and will be till probably Saturday. If Wayne and Brittany put her picture on WebNursery thing, I will post the link on here!
Okay so its been a long day, maybe I will get a chance to sit here again very soon and update this blog, I know it's sorely needed it, lots of stories to tell, coming soon I promise.
From Tulip~
KH (Trinity's Aunt!!)
PS--don't you love the 'half blink' thing that my brother is doing in that picture!?!? He'll be THRILLED that I choose t hat one to post on here!

Monday, November 3, 2008


Jenna our resident princess decided to be Cinderella this year for Halloween. So I got to further my skills at dress making. I actually can proudly say that this costume actually has a zipper in it, something I haven't done since I had to in Home Ec class over 20 years ago. I wouldn't have gotten an A on this project or a blue ribbon at the fair, but it's done, in fact already been wore and laundered and in the dress up box now. You'll notice (or maybe you can't see them, the picture is uploading while I am typing) she's sorting 'glass slippers' (jelly shoes, with glitter!) and of course she topped it off with a crown, since she's only got about 8! we of course needed a NEW Cinderella crown.

From Tulip~


PS-hoping my luck holds, have been having trouble getting pictures on here lately!

There's a New Sheriff in Town

Here's Marshall in his first Halloween costume. He was a Marshal, how appropriate. Also here's another brand new update, he's no longer the baby on the Kable side, Jason's sister Amy (Shelton) had a baby this morning, Jaycie Faith weighed in at 10 pounds! 2 oz.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cody Garrett, 14 yr old picture

You know when you're cool and your mother can't tell you what to wear, etc etc etc, these are the kind of pictures you get taken. But I decided that it would okay, since this truly depicts what Cody is about at this age. So thought that I would share his 14 yr old portrait. More to come, hopefully I will get the other three taken over the next few days.
From Tulip~

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I remember...

I decided that this blog was better suited to my Hasekamps of Tulip blog than rambling on for several minutes at church this morning, so here's the background. Today was the 150th Anniversary celebration of Sturgeon Christian Church. This is the church that I grew up in. One of the most interesting parts of the celebration was when Kenny (Hubble, my childhood friend, now the Chairman of the Board there) passed the microphone around the congregation. Everyone told a story of their memories of the church. I knew he was planning this so I sat down and really thought about alot of things that I remember. Since I didn't want to ramble on and on there, I will share them here.

Some of my earliest memories are of Sunday School and Vacation Bible School. The first SS teacher I remember specifically was Louise Jones, followed by Carol Bowne, then Vickie Smith and Bonnie Chase. I remember the church nursery room had what I thought as a child was the biggest drawer of toys that I had ever seen. Perspective changes as you get older, it fit under a baby crib, so maybe it wasn't so big. I remember Margaret Ritchie leading the childrens Sunday School singing and worship time. Her daughter, Louise Barrett played the piano. I learned this morning that she was very well trained by the time she got to my age group as several members older than I mentioned having the same memory. I remember during that time a little 'fake' birthday cake that held candles and when it was your birthday everyone sang for you and you got to blow out the candles. I remember VBS, that was the summer highlight of fun as a kid. The kids from our church and several other town kids attended, in fact I remember attending some other churchs VBS weeks as well, I think Mom still has the cutting board I made at the Baptist church VBS several years ago. At our church there was a certain order to things. The oldest kids who had graduated beyond VBS, probably 7th or 8th graders, were the recreation leaders. Recreation was generally a quick walk over to the school yard for games of kick ball or dodge ball. Refreshments were lovingly prepared by Mrs Creola Mason and Mrs Eva Kelly. I am sure there were others but those are two who stick out in my mind. They prepared individual snacks for each kid, which consisted of two or three cookies wrapped in a paper napkin. What a great surprise everyday to open it up and check out its treasures. As we got older, and a bit more observant, we figured out to check out the contents of the napkins and make sure we got the best ones. Kool Aid was the drink of the day. I can remember many a time sitting on the front steps of the church the snack tray sitting at the table that normally houses the guest book and picking up your cookies and drink, everyone sat on the steps and ate. I remember my Grandmother Ruby Barnes and her best friend Mary Woodruff were craft leaders several years. I can remember several interesting and intricate crafts that we made.

I remember a revival that we had when Tony Conley was the interim minister. I joined the church then, November of 1980. During the revival, his wife would sing a special and while she sang he drew a picture that I can't remember but can guess it possibly tied into the song. The person who had brought the most guests, received the picture. I joined the church the same time as my best friend from childhood, Michelle (Chase) Sandker, others I remember being baptised at the time were Bruce Pollard and my cousin Buford Bowne. I remember to this day the COLD water.

As I got older, I began to attend Youth Group. Hadley Haux, one of the older kids was our 'fearless' leader. I think he sort of got railroaded in, as he was the oldest. We must have trained him well as he has now spent the rest of his life working with kids as a band director in a school in the St Louis area. We did lots of great things in our youth group. I remember bowling, skating and swimming parties. I remember a few of these trips a little more vividly than others. One in particular was a trip to Rock Bridge State Park south of Columbia. It has an attraction called Devils Ice Box. Now I can't tell you if we even went down there or not. But know that we ran up and down the trails all over that park. I can tell you that there was poison ivy somewhere along the way. That particular summer, Michelle, Kim Barnes and I did EVERYTHING together. And chances are after that trip we all stayed all night at someones house together. Well by the next day, Kim and I both were covered head to toe with poison ivy and Michelle who ran with us every step and slept in the same bed didn't have it all. Kim and I both ended up going to the doctor it was so bad.

I remember church camp very fondly. The kids from SCC went to Rickman Conference Center Camp south of Jefferson City, MO. The first I knew of church camp was from the stories that Brad Blakemore and Kenney Hubble shared after their experience. The second year, Michelle and I got brave enough to go. I remember when it was time to go, I was less than enthusiastic, but by the end of the week, I didn't want it to be over. We must have been some great salesmen, as the third year, Sturgeon sent 14 kids to camp! We met kids from all over Mid Missouri. Some I remember particularly were from HArrisburg, Centralia, Troy, and Eldon, MO. Some of the kids we played sports against as we got older, some I still know today.

I remember church league. This was a slow pitch co-ed softball leugue that played games one night a week. I remembered 3 teams, but it was mentioned at church that our church had 4 teams. I know that my cousin Buford and I were captains of a team one year. What a statement that makes to not only have one team to represent your membership, but four! WOW!

I remember during the time we were led by Eldon Drennan, who made such an impact on my preteen and early teen years. The church started a newsletter, The Christian Outlook. Eldon wanted the kids to put together an edition of it at one point. I don't remember if it actually came to being as I remember one of our initial conversations was wanting to change the name for that edition to the Christian 'Look Out' I know that for someone who grew up and moved away, I have my day made once a month when the Christian Outlook arrives in my mailbox. I read it cover to cover ALWAYS. Virginia Haux adds just the right combination of announcements, and news bits for me to consider it a must read.

There are so many more memories. I was 'showered' twice there, once for my wedding and second when I was pregnant with my first baby, the one that today I have to look up at! I remember my wedding, complete with the fainting groomsman. I was married by Jimmy Jones, the same minister who married my parents, 23 years before. I was lucky enough to experience being led in my faith by Jimmy twice in my life, first as a child at Sturgeon, then as a young woman at Tulip.

I grew up in the Sturgeon Christian church as a person and as a Christian. I grew up and I left, like alot of kids do. But I have been blessed in my life to join another church just as loving, the Tulip Christian Church, where now my kids are stockpiling similiar memories of growing up in church. As I looked around that room today, so much of who I have become can be tied to the people and memories of growing up in that church, for that I feel fortunate and blessed. God Bless Sturgeon Christian Church, may you continue to serve the congregation and community for another 150 years and beyond.

Back at Tulip this evening~


Friday, October 3, 2008

Why there's never as many pictures of Cody

I think I have figured out why I never seem to have pictures of Cody. First off it's fate letting the rest of the kids catch up. Being the first kid, Cody has a GAZILLION pictures taken of him, of course most are in the first three months of his life! :) But keeping up with Cody is a challenge which I don't accomplish most days. He's busy with football, both his and HS. Every Friday he is working with the Radio Guys, Dave Holsinger and Bobby Fisher, and his friend,Brady Dopler, announcing the HS football games. His team plays once a week and of course practices everyday that there isn't a game. And by the way, this week during their game (and WIN!) with Hallsville, Cody scored a touchdown!!! We were all very excited about that! He carried the ball for around 70 yards that night. He's playing in the band, if I am keeping up, he's playing the fugel horn right now, he started out on Cornet/Trumpet and has also played French Horn. I won't even start listing the 4H, and other School activities. He's my busy boy who when we got him a cell phone, we figured he'd probably rarely use it, well a year and half later, he never leaves home without it.
Also we measured everyone the other night, he's three inches taller than me and about 3 or 4 inches short of catching David. 5'10"-ish. The others had grown alot too, of course, I think that the average growth was probably 3 inches in the last year for everyone. I know keeping them in long enough jeans, etc is a challenge that I face daily (don't always accomplish that one either!)
From Tulip~

Jenna's Field Trip

On Wednesday October 1st, Jenna's class, the Kindergarten of Chance Elementary, went on a Field Trip to Boonville MO to Arnett's Peach Tree Farm. Their website is Besides the obvious Peaches that must happen during the summer, as the farm is scattered with dozens of trees. There are also several Pumpkin Patches, where you may pick your own Pumpkin to purchase. (the kids received theirs as part of the their entry fee) There are several farm animals to feed in assorted pens scattered all over the property. Other 'attractions' include a Straw Maze, which was a big hit. There was a hay ride and lots of area for the 100 kids to just run and have a great time. They are located off of I-70, just west of the Missouri River Bridge near Boonville, exit 111. This is a reasonably priced family fun place. Our family has enjoyed travelling south of Centralia to the farm of our friends Roger and Jill McCoy who also sell pumpkins in the fall. They are located on Route Z, south of Centralia. But it was certainly nice to discover another place to take the family on a drive in the fall.
Jenna is pictured with her friend Christina after they found their pumpkins. The group tried out all of the activities and then we had a picnic lunch before returning to school.
From Tulip~
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Where's Cody?

Outside of posed pictures, do you know how hard it is to get all four kids in one frame of the camera? Next to impossible would be the answer to that! After the 'friends' birthday party and weiner roast we had the 'family' party with grandparents and aunts and uncles. All four kiddos did pretty well! Lots of new clothes, some toys, $$$ They were very blessed with lots of great gifts.

3 Muskateers

This is Jenna with her two best buddies. Christina Gronefeldt on her right and Megan Marcum on her left. These three are in Kindergarten together, Jenna and Christina are even in the same classroom. They all three ride the same bus. Also they are all three fall birthdays, with Christina in September, Megan in October and Jenna in November. I predict other shared birthday parties in the future. The girls enjoyed painting pumpkins and decorating 'crowns' while the boys played football and rode the 4-wheeler.
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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hasekamp Kids' Birthday Party Pics

Each of the kids invited some friends over for their birthday. We held this party in conjunction with the 'family' birthday party. Above Jenna, along with Brayden Shelton 'help' Seth open his present. This was a set of Incredible Hulk Fists aka boxing gloves, they were a big hit!
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Happy 60th Birthday, Dad!

Tonight has been a busy one. We hosted a birthday party for my Dad, Charlie Angle at his pool hall, IC Billiards. We fried around 60# of catfish, also served baked beans, slaw, potato salad and brownies and peanut butter cookies. The place was pretty well packed. Alot of the regulars were there, plus alot of out family. My Mom's three brothers and their families came, plus my Aunt Karen from IL (grandma to the triplets!) brought her family, including the triplets. Wayne fried the fish, I served and helped him some behind the bar. The kids played and the big guys watched football. The picture is Dad sitting down looking at his cards, there was of course several funny ones. The crowd all told him he could do it again next year, we'll see!
From Tulip~
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Thursday, September 18, 2008

My friend Judy

Found another interesting thing to read on the internet this evening. Fairly regularly I go to the Columbia Daily Tribune website and catch up on local stuff. Well while I was there, I remembered that my friend Judy Knudsen was supposed to have a new travel blog on there and she does. When you go to the Tribune website, btw I use find the 'Where's Judy?' Link. I found it on the left side bar, fairly close to the top. If you have a few minutes, go there and check it out.
I met Judy while I was selling Creative Memories. We were both recruited by our good friend, Noelle Brooks. Judy lives in Columbia, at least most of the time. :) She is a piano teacher. She rides bikes EVERYWHERE. And as long as I have known her, she's a world traveller. I know of her travelling to New Zealand, France and now Singapore. She's just a really interesting person and great lady. Several of my friends that I scrapbook with probably remember Judy, she's great fun that's for sure. And it looks as if she compiling another long list of great new stories, which I can't wait to hear them all.
Well the weekend is almost upon us, Cody goes with the radio guys to Highland tomorrow night for another HS football game. Sam and Jenna have picture day tomorrow. I am scrapbooking tomorrow night. Sometime I am baking brownies and peanut butter cookies for the celebration of my Dad's 60th birthday Saturday night at the pool hall. Locals, come by and see him, wish another 60, YIKES! and eat some fish, I think we start serving about 7.
Hope everyone is enjoying fall, I know I am.
From Tulip~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cody's first football game was tonight and they won! 24 to 0. (btw, the 7th grade also won, 16 to 0) They played South Shelby, which is the home of the only HS team to even score on our HS team this year so far. I believe all the teams, Varsity, JV, Freshman, and middle school are all undefeated!! Great time to be in Centralia if you love football!
I have to admit, I only just like it, it's growing on me. Without having it as a school sport growing up, I just don't really 'get it' but I am learning. Here's Cody's stats, carried the ball 4 times, for a total of 13 yards, and considering he's not the 'star' (receiver?) I didn't think that was too bad. He plays on the special team that 'receives' when the other team kicks (see how much I DON'T KNOW!) plus tonight he played both offense and defense. We kind of got on him, at the end of the game, the kid he was guarding got the football thrown towards him, kind of a last second 'hail Mary' shot at the end of the game, Cody was right there and the receiver wasn't, but he just knocked it down. He said he could have caught it, he was in position and ready, but he said the coach just told him to knock it down. And we all know, your best bet is 'following orders' They have some stuff to work on, but it was a good game. I took the other three and fed them while the 7th grade was playing, the 8th graders have to stay and David along with a couple of his friends were the 'chain gang' (7th grade dads do the 8th grade games, so it was their turn) I think he enjoyed that as much as watching Cody's game.
Anyway, I have a muddy uniform to wash,
From Tulip~

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here's another blog that I loved today

As a blogger, I love reading other blogs. This was a good one, I thought. I know where I was ten years ago YESTERDAY. Do you know where you were? Cody and I were watching the Cardinals play the Cubs and its was the big one, Mark McQwire hit the 62nd HR (giving me goosebumps right now) I saw this blog that a sports writer did that said basically how I feel also, who cares what we've learned since, etc etc.......Wasn't the summer of '98 a great one? And he's right!
Here's the web address:,106278&cp=8#comments

His blog has had about 200 comments and unfortunately about half were negative, I posted a positive one. I think I was #180 'love the boys of summer'

Anyway, I know I said earlier I wasn't going to have to blog much, and here I am three blogs TODAY. Guess I should say all the time, I don't have time to blog, because invariably as soon as I say that, I think of all the other things that I 'have' to say.
Okay kids are starving, gotta run.
From Tulip~

One more Quick Blog!

My good friend Meredith (Romine, Mrs. Chad)Stidham, who I have mentioned on my blog several times before has gotten her website going. Go check her out at
She has got a really cute shop and her website is looking great as well. When you're in Centralia pop in and say Hi! She has reinspried my sewing passion as of late. I have two different Christmas gifts in process, which you will be seeing pictures of soon, as the recepients aren't 'online' but don't tell them you saw it here first. I have a cute 'cowboy quilt' started for Gladys and a 'princess quilt' (Jenna named it!) started for my grandmother. No those aren't the names, when I a 'officially' post the pictures, etc. I will try to come up with the right names. They both incorporate a 'None Patch' Quilt Square, Gladys' is set on point and my grandma's has several different sizes of them. More to come!
From Tulip (again)~


Well my favorite time of the year is here. The cooler weather certainly helps us remember the season that I guess doesn't officially start for a couple of more weeks. I have declared it fall at Tulip. We have officially tied up the loose ends from summer, I think we've froze or canned the last items from the garden.
Grand Totals:
138 Quarts of corn Frozen
54 Quarts of Grape Juice Concentrate Canned
Too many strawberries, peaches and apples to count.
My freezers are all full to the brims and I think the two at Beth and Jason's are the same way! Of course alot of these items have happened in the last month, everything was so late! But we were thankful to have it that is for sure!
The last straggling items from our State Fair trek migrated to the attic this morning as my boxes of fall decorations came down, (multitasking!)
Cody's first football game is next week. (Kind of a new fall indicator for me)
We started a new 4H year last week. Our club is significantly smaller this year, we just have to focus on QUALITY, since we don't have QUANTITY!
I am in the planning stages of the kids' birthday party. We are trying something different this year to see how we like it. Since from Cody to Seth their birthdays span less than two months apart total, we are having one big birthday party for all four. We are planning to invite some friends (with their families) over in the afternoon for some games. Then the meal will be a weiner roast which our family is invited to as well, then after the friends leave we will do presents, etc...... One big blast, instead of several small ones.
Lots of big events before and after that party. This weekend is our new pastor's installation, which we are having lunch after that I am catering. Next weekend is my Dad's 60th birthday party. (lots of peanut butter cookies and brownies were the request for my share of the work)
My intention is over the next few weeks to really focus on my Catering Blog and add some pictures of Fall and Halloween treats that can be ordered, so check it out when you get time, the link is on this website along the right hand side bar. Oh there will still be football pictures, birthday pictures, etc. But I would really like that be a helpful tool for my business and it needs work.
Also update for those who might be wondering, Gladys sailed right through her 'partial knee replacement' surgery with flying colors. She is feeling much better but is housebound for a few weeks yet.
Anyway, that's what I know today.
From Tulip~

Friday, September 5, 2008

Cody Garrett Hasekamp

Today is Cody's 14th birthday. I searched through the very few digital pictures that I have on my computer, looking for one to add to this post. But nothing truly encompasses our first born in one photo. So I decided today to write about him, which I hope I can draw a clearer picture than any camera could capture.
After being married a few years, we decided that it was TIME. After several months of 'practice' we managed to get pregnant. I suspected that possbily I might be in Dec. of 1993. I was working at Blattner Furniture and we had such a busy several weeks at work, I had finally been too busy to worry about it not happening, so I bought a PG test. Of all the potentially dumb ideas, I took the test Christmas morning and after looking at these tests several times before and nothing, there was finally that second line coming into focus, not that I could see it for the tears. But there it was proof our miracle had happened. So, then how to tell David. I found a small box and wrapped the test up and as we concluded unwrapping gifts we got for each other, I said I had one more thing and gave it to him. Somewhere there's even a picture of his shocked expression upon opening the box...... We were expecting our first of four bundles of joy. We kept it our little secret for a while, but not long, we told our family about two or three weeks after we knew. I had hideous morning sickness, horrible heartburn and swelled up like a tick before Labor Day weekend 1994 managed to get here. Cody was due at the end of August, but if I had listened to myself instead of medical calculations, I would have realzied that he was right on time. My water broke and sort of trickled and I messed around with contractions off and on all day Sunday the 4th. We went to bed Sunday night after one more round of nesting (I did that ALOT TOO, probably the cleanest my house has ever been!) At 1:15am I woke up to not feeling so well. By 3 I was in the recliner. Nothing helped. Told David go and feed I would let him know if anything changed. By 7am I was in tears when he came back in to check on me. Per the labor and delivery nurses advice, we started walking, and after maybe an hour of that, we decided to get ready and think about going to the hospital. Contractions were cruising along like clock work every 5 minutes, all the way to the hospital. We got there and they all but stopped. When the nurses decided that contractions or not, I was certainly in labor, they started giving me pitocin and away we went...... that progressed slowly all afternoon and into the evening. Finally my brave front was over as I said those words known to most moms........... BRING ON THE EPIDURAL!! After that everything got complete in about 2 hours, well after 2 MORE HOURS OF PUSHING, at 11:37PM, we finally had our son. So I spent all but 38 minutes of Labor Day 1994 in labor. But it was well worth it.
OUR son is someone who it absolutely chokes me up to think about how proud I am of him. (Yes the bragging is starting now) He's such the typical oldest child, he has a strong work ethic, he's very mature and responsible and does most everything we ask, yes he's still a boy and sometimes we have to ask more than once. But he is a pleaser and does what he can to please us and others around him as much as he can. He's smart as a tack. The gifted class in school is just one of the many places he shines. We received his school acheivement test scores in the mail yesterday and once again, he did so well. And regardless of how he did, his reaction last night when I told him was 'YES!' he had pushed himself he said to try and do better than before, which considering this is a kid who ranks in the top 5% for the state, that is a proud momma moment in and of itself.
He cracks me up. He's a funny kid. His deadpan humor is mind blowing...... When he was 6 and we were on vacation and he had asked David for about the 8th time is this the town we are stopping in (because we had promised to stay somewhere with a pool) and his father said the next time you ask, you're getting out and walking home (because we are so tough, ha!) Cody didn't miss a beat and said matter of factly, 'Well I will need a map' This left us in hysterics for miles (probably till we finally got to the town!)
He's my little 'Linus' with his 'Bobby' (blanket) and the cute hair that stuck out from every direction and still does if he lets it get that long. He's the skinny kid who needed 27x32 jeans for school this year. The kid who says after a week of summer break we need some new books, I've read everything in this house. He's the kid who would rather eat fruit than chocolate. Who has committed to memory every little known fact about all the presidents, and delights in playing his own personal game of presidential trivia, whether or not the other person wants to play. He went from this teeny little guy with hands that you could feel the delicate little bones as there wasn't any fat in the palms of his hands yet, to this guy I look up to now physically and continue to emotionally with these hands that are bigger than mine and these fingers that could probably palm a basketball if he wasn't a dedicated wrestler. He's me, he's David, but mostly he's Cody, our son who we love so much.
There are many more stories, but I won't bore you with a mile long blog. Besides I have birthday gifts to wrap, and something to cook towards a birthday treat (my unpicky kid won't care, so I have to figure something out!).
Today is the first in my next two months of birthday 'season' with three more very special days coming up. I remember as a kid thinking my birthday was the greatest day in the year outside of Christmas. That was until I became a mom, now there are four other days which overshadow my own day, without even trying. So I must close now so that I have time to look at baby books and albums before my first baby gets home this afternoon.
From Tulip~
Cody's Mom~

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

What's for Lunch?

Hey there
It's a new month and it almost feels like the school 'routine' mentioned in my last blog is normal again. The kids always bring home the school menus for the month and we sit down and review and talk about what their choices are, what they will pick, or whether we need to fix a lunch from home to take. With Cody it's a review of all offered and which days will require 'X-tra' from home. Oh to have the metabolism of a soon to be 14 yr old boy...........
Anyway, I know that I always struggle to come up with enough things that I think are healthy, that are easy to send along, quick and easy to eat, and are things that they like well enough to gobble up.
I noticed this interesting article which I thought held some good advice, that I thought that I would share:
We have a food service in our school district, which I am not the biggest fan of, but I do think about how hard it is for me to come up with quick and easy different things that are inexpensive, etc etc and realize this might be the best bet for the district. I just wish that my kids ate a broader range of foods, so that they would love all the choices, etc.
My little salad eater, Jenna, picked the salads that are offered as a daily choice, she like the regular chef salad, but has also discovered that salad with stuff on top as she says are great as well, she likes the Popcorn Chicken Salad, the Smoked Turkey Salad and some of the others. Where I have seen my boys take a bag of dry cereal or unfortunately chips to the living room to snack on, THANK GOD, Jenna will do the same with the bags of salad that you can now buy in the stores. In fact she will generally eat an entire bag in just a couple of days if given the opportunity!
Well besides school and lunch there's lots going on around here. In the last week we've frozen almost 80 quarts of corn from our patch. I am planning to can grape juice concentrate this evening, waiting for the grapes to get into the shade before picking (and hoping my allergy meds kick in soon as well) Today Gladys is getting her knee replaced at Boone Hospital, should be there 2 or 3 days to any who are intersted in knowing that. We travelled to Springfield MO Friday to attend the funeral of her brother Dallas Jaeger. It was a neat service, both of his sons spoke and I was very impressed with the poise they showed, not sure that in their shoes, I could have held it together to get all shared that they did. Last Friday night was also the first HS Football game for Centralia, which they won 65 to 0 to Louisana, MO. Cody went with the guys who annouce it on the radio and had a great time. Our friend James Fashing who is doing the photos for Farm and Ranch Living came out Saturday morning and got several shots of lots of things that happen around here. He's coming back this evening for the 'posed' portrait to send in with our diary entries.
Cody will be 14 on Friday, with him being born on Labor Day, all day yesterday in my mind felt like his birthday. He's old enough that he no longer wants any sort of public acknowledgement of the day, so I won't be taking treats to school anything so embarrassing. I did conveniently mention it to the radio guys and they have already mentioned harrassing him next week during this last weeks radiocast.......... Gotta hold up my role as embarrassing parent, you know!
Better get back to my list of to-do's, the list seems long today........
From Tulip~

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well we are falling back into our school year routine. I have to say as much as i like staying up till all hours, I am kind of liking this. Last night everyone was in bed by 9 pm. Enough time for David and I to be able to watch a movie, and actually stay awake to watch it. We watched August Rush, fyi, great 'feel good' type of movie. David always hates endings that are assumed. But it ends great, has good story, one your kids can watch, the closest thing to an adult scene is August's parents making out. I can' tthink of any cuss words that were in it. Those with Dish, its on pay per view, for $1.99.
The kids are getting into a routine, they are actually doing homework first when they get home, taking showers without too many arguements, making their beds and brushing their teeth.............. oh wait maybe that is only Jenna. No not really, the big boys are doing fine also.
Seth and I have a routine, it's work on a job, wait for Mom to get distracted, and go to visit Grandma Gladys. But it's routine I suppose. I figure by mid September I might catch up on all that gets done to the minimum all summer long, I am starting wonder if I will ever catch up!!
Speaking of routines, I have boy to pick up at football soon.
From Tulip~

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Have I lost my mind? MAYBE!!

I have started a SECOND blog. I plan to blog about my catering/cooking biz. It's pretty basic right now, but I plan to add to it alot and soon. It's at you'll be able to find info about my events that I am catering, foods that I prepare, maybe a few recipes and more. I sometimes think that I don't keep this one up to date, how in the heck will I do two.............. who knows, wish me luck!
From Tulip~

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There is just something about little boys and dirt that draws me in everytime. Maybe it explains why I fell in love with a farmer or makes it a blessing in my life to have three sons who all can get and have gotten really dirty from time to time. We are in this new mode of life now, Seth and I, at home all day together. If I go outside he goes with me. If he's outside and I come out, he goes somewhere else. Kind of a one way street, Mommy has to check in with him, but he doesn't feel the need to check in with me! Little turkey. I did catch him at the sandbox awhile ago and he indulged his mothers need to capture moments of fun and play featuring a dirty little boy. (For those who are wondering, yes that's our sandbox in the background, and YES its the top ring of a hog feeder, we use the lid too, works great, and the cats stay out!!!!)
Not quite as weep-y today about my little girl going to school. The report yesterday afternoon was that she had a great time, went to recess twice, and ate salad for lunch. Sounds good to me. Got the usual from Sam, yeah it was okay. Cody was pretty tight lipped about his day. He was pretty wore out from the first day of football practice. Then his father decided that he needed a little more 'conditioning' and we hauled 250 bales of grass hay after he got home last night. No, nobody made bedtime last night and we were lucky that there wasn't any reprocussions (sp?) this morning. We will all ease into this transition I suppose, probably just in time for the next one start................
From Tulip~
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost a First Day of School Picture

Well modern technology kicked my backside this morning! My camera was DEAD! So no official first day of school picture! I have been such a basket case, that about sent me on over the edge! OMG!!!! The above picture was taken Thursday night before going to 'Back to School' night........ so guess it will have to do for now! Been an emotional few days. I haven't even been able to look at Jenna without tearing up. Last night, I couldn't breathe I was so overcome with emotion. Makes you all look forward to two years from now! huh?!!?!?
To top it off, Mr 'Puberty' wanted to shave last night when he got out of the shower.................... Weepy Momma weekend!
Got them to school and my 'angel' with camera in tow, James Fashing was right there to take a few more pictures for the Farm and Ranch Living article............. so guess I will have a few pictures, of course I am in them, so that's not always a plus! :)
Anyway, Seth and I are 'busy' today, so I must get back at it, just wanted to get on and say, hi and I survived another kiddo starting school. (and she will be back home in 6 more hours! :)
From Tulip~
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Grooming Lessons

The boys are really starting to do alot more of the grooming with David advising them on technique. Here Sam is trimming the hairs along the tail head for a nice straight even line. I think it's good that they are doing more, as we are getting more and more calves every year and in two more years Jenna will be showing as well, and two after that Seth will be. So everyone is going have to be good at all jobs in order to get everything ready for the show ring.
Feeling a little better about the changes since the earlier posts. I am just reminded that on the farm as in life change is constant. Sam's heifer had her calf last night and Jenna and I just went out to see it. I just have to remind myself that my kids and their calves and life are constantly changing. Maybe I ought to dig out my rose colored glasses.........
From Tulip~
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Cody's 'lap steer'

Bubba absolutely loves laying his head in Cody's lap. You know since he reminds you so much of a little lap dog. LOL
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Bath Time

Jenna was comforting Buddy while he had his bath the morning of the steer show. The steers have been washed and fitted so many times by now that they really don't seem to mind. She was wearing Sam's new hat.
I am kind of feeling sad this morning, we sent the steers to the sale barn last night. We obviously always do this, but I don't always know it happened till after the fact. And like my oldest said, I would rather not know before hand. Makes blogging these pictures kind of hard. So I am going to try and get them all done as fast as possible, you may not get the 'in depth' story that I normally offer, sorry.
From Tulip~
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Thursday, August 14, 2008


Doesn't the smile say it all? Jenna had a GREAT TIME showing and I think Rosel (Schmidt, our neighbor) is ready for Jenna to be her little show jock. Not as confident that Daddy is going to approve. Jenna looked so cute, it's not everyone who can pull off jeans and a sundress like she can! Our little cowgirl insisted on wearing her boots EVERYDAY at the fair and was only mad when I didn't pack jeans for everyday to wear along with them. We had several fashion combinations that I am sure will lead to the newest trends, a dress and boots, capris and boots............ Dressing for school this fall may prove interesting.
From Tulip~
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Getting ready for the Leadline

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State Fair, setting up at the Barn

We got to the State Fair on Saturday afternoon and set up our camp. Then after receiving our stall assignments on Sunday morning we went right to work. We had taken our Club 4-H sign which Sam was hanging up when I snapped this picture. We stalled with Melanie Kable, the younger sister of our brother in law, Jason. We had a pretty busy day Sunday, we sat up the stalls in the barn, weighed the steers, who weighed, Buddy at 1305 and Bubba at a whooping 1540, then had to go over to the Sheep Barn and get Jenna ready to do the 'Pee Wee Leadline' We enjoyed a great lunch at the exhibitor cafeteria. We bbq-ed steaks for supper. Saturday night was plenty cold for sleeping but the day on Sunday was beautiful temps, then Sunday was a little warmer. It didn't look like to us that there were as many people at the fair this year, but the ones who did attend couldn't have asked for better weather.
From Tulip~
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Jenna Claire Barn Diva

Caught this photo of Jenna the evening tha twe were clipping the steers before going to the State Fair, thought it was a cute one.
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Crew Cuts

Here was my trio of goofballs after their haircuts 'pre-State Fair' The first photo included too big of smiles and no eyes and then this one as you see is bug eyed..............oh well.
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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4H Swim Party

Here's Jenna, the only one of my children who could stop long enough during the swim party to get her picture taken. Sunday night was our annual 4H Swim Party. We had a short meeting and light supper then enjoyed the pool. I even went down the water slide, in fact several times. Of course was reminded the next morning that I am no spring chicken anymore, with a sore neck and back, etc etc. It was either the water slide or a certain pair of young men my oldest and my adopted even older 5th child, Cody and Matt, who thought it was necessary to dunk me!!! Anyway this week is a busy one, we are getting ready for the State Fair. Just sent David out the door with warm pies to his COC mtg and the kids and I are headed out shopping for 'stuff' for the fair. Probably won't get a chance to be on here again till next week. Hope everyone is having a great summer.
Watching the rain drip off the awning of my office window,
From Tulip~
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