Monday, August 18, 2008

Almost a First Day of School Picture

Well modern technology kicked my backside this morning! My camera was DEAD! So no official first day of school picture! I have been such a basket case, that about sent me on over the edge! OMG!!!! The above picture was taken Thursday night before going to 'Back to School' night........ so guess it will have to do for now! Been an emotional few days. I haven't even been able to look at Jenna without tearing up. Last night, I couldn't breathe I was so overcome with emotion. Makes you all look forward to two years from now! huh?!!?!?
To top it off, Mr 'Puberty' wanted to shave last night when he got out of the shower.................... Weepy Momma weekend!
Got them to school and my 'angel' with camera in tow, James Fashing was right there to take a few more pictures for the Farm and Ranch Living article............. so guess I will have a few pictures, of course I am in them, so that's not always a plus! :)
Anyway, Seth and I are 'busy' today, so I must get back at it, just wanted to get on and say, hi and I survived another kiddo starting school. (and she will be back home in 6 more hours! :)
From Tulip~
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Scott, Kim and Jay said...

You are making me cry. I guess Jay's 5 days a week at preschool is breaking me in good. I hate him being there so much. Good luck with the emotions- they are flowing pretty heavy in HP too!