Thursday, July 4, 2013

Thankfulness Thursday---USA

As is my usual post on Thursdays, I am here being thankful. I am thankful for many things and its barely lunch time. So far this morning, I have been thankful for the beautiful wheat fields that are ripening and being harvested this week in our area. Look at that, isn't it gorgeous?!?!?!

Love those Amber Waves of Grain

I am thankful to have supported a neighboring farm family and go with my two youngest children to pick blueberries. We will enjoy them today. We only picked a gallon, so guessing the way my family enjoys them, today and maybe tomorrow is all the longer they will last.

MMMMMM, the luscious goodness!!!!!!

After we picked blueberries, of course we went and bought some fireworks. Then since, I was basically in town, I drove by one of my favorite tourist attractions in Centralia, MO. The Avenue of Flags. Today there's not much breeze, so they aren't as wonderful as many other pictures I have seen, but here's the view as I drove by.

Avenue of Flags memorializes local veterans.
Now we are home, cooking some lunch to take to my Farmer who is planting soybeans after the wheat that was harvested  here a couple of days ago. This afternoon my bigs will clip the show cattle. This evening, we will likely grill something and shoot the fireworks off, then drive into town and watch the local aerial display. A pretty laid back day. Very blessed and thankful for those who made this day possible.

Shared a couple of videos of some great patriotic country songs that for me says it all. Happy Independence Day friends.

Feeling Thankful and Blessed to be an America today,

From Tulip~