Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lots of pictures........

Cody with Bob and Gladys, notice how he's taller than everyone but David in all these pics?

My parents and Cody at the Pool Hall afterwards. (we had everyone come over there for a LATE light supper of sandwiches, chips, veggie tray, fruit salad, cookies and homemade icecream, all of Cody's choices.)

Us with Cody afterwards, still at school.

Here's Cody's humoring my mother, but I am not going to smile face before the dance. (Notice the red tie in ALL the pics, he found this StL Cardinals tie sometime when we were clothes shopping, and if he has to wear one, he seems a little less put out if he can wear that all dress shirts have to match that tie! :)

May has been a busy month around here. This first picture is of Cody before the 8th grade dance. I have some with friends, both boys and girls, but didn't want to get in trouble for posting the 'wrong' thing....... Other pics I am planning to upload, we will see how this goes are from 8th Grade Graduation, ones with David and I, ones with his grandparents, etc.......... Wish me luck, this works, SOMETIMES and others not so much....... anyone who reads this who doesn't do Facebook, you should, I try to put pics on there as well........ one time I figured out how to transfer pics from either there to here, or here to there........ and now can't seem to figure out how I did that, so in order to see the most pics you gotta go to both, I am sorry, I am technology poor......... maybe someday, the internet will be FAST in the country without having to pay an arm and a leg for it!!! (Okay so they finally uploaded, exactly backwards.........but they're on there) Maybe I will put some more pics on another day...... have some cool ones of my rose bush, and took some of the summer outfits I made Jenna this weekend.

Until then, from Tulip~