Friday, April 2, 2010

Projects, lots of projects

If anyone follows this blog anymore, I am sure you are in total shock that I am actually blogging today. It's been 4 months, how sad that is. I told myself at the beginning of 2010 I was going to start blogging again regularly and here it is April, every four months, hmmmmm, I really had in mind SLIGHTLY more often than that, but life just keeps happening and I just don't get it all done.
I don't get it all done because one of my favorite mantras should probably be why finish a project when you can start a new one, thanks Meredith! ;)
Lately I have been sewing up a storm. I have made a few projects for friends. So far towards Christmas I have completed a quilt top for Cody, started one for Sam, relocated and reworked one that I am planning to give Jenna and purchased the fabric for Seth's. I think that MY KIDS should really probably be one of the recipents of my hard labor.
Made a totally cute quilt for my Aunt O, in remembrance of her 60th birthday which was in February! Too cute, if I wasn't so lazy I would post the picture, maybe another day. We have several young people who are special to us, who are graduating from high school and college this spring, so graduation quilts are in process, wish me luck, I just may have bit off more than I can chew on that one.
I have big plans for sewing including a quilt for our bed, I am calling it our 20th wedding anniversary gift, but secretly hoping we get to go somewhere for our anniversary and that the quilt isn't the only gift, especially since who knows if I will actually complete it BY our anniversary! There are many other projects that I hope to do as well.
I am truly loving the time I am spending sewing. I definitely think I have addictive personality, I may not smoke or drink, but fabric is my vice!!! LOL
Besides sewing, I am making plans to do some painting and updating in our house! I have paint purchased to do our bathroom, kitchen back splash area and want to possibly do some decorative painting in Jenna's room. Along with the updates, I have some ideas in mind for some meaningful wall art. I have made some yo-yo's that I am planning to arrange like a flag to hang in our room and tie in with the new quilt and bedding(planning to make some pillows too!) I have some antique postcards that belonged to David's great uncle Bill (Seth William's namesake) that are 4th of July ones and a few Memorial Day ones that I am wanting to frame for a picture in our Dining Room. And I have been thinking of some way to preserve a family heirloom from my side of the family and I think I have finally come up with the idea. I have pictures of Mom, Jenna and I each at about a year and a half old, all wearing the same dress. I want to frame the three pictures AND the dress for a piece of wall art/ family history. I even wrote a poem to add to the picture. I am not sure this is the final copy, but here's the rough draft:
The Little Blue Dress

Purchased and worn on a very special day,
In 1950 in the month of May.
Bright blue cotton, in the back, a bow.
Sweetly trimmed in lace for a little show.
Kids do lots and especially grow,
It makes Moms sad, for this they know
With future dreams, it’s packed away
To be worn again, on some future day.
Granddaughter came with eyes of blue
Grandma said, she’ll wear that dress too!
Laundered and pressed, ready to go
Over the head and tie the bow.
Pictures taken and memories made
Captured in time before they fade.
Packed up away, saved and treasured
For a mothers love cannot be measured.
Would we see it again, who’s to know?
Such a cute little dress, tied with a bow.
Grandkids finished up just in time,
Great grandkids came right along, next in line
First a son, then another
Soon enough, they’re both big brothers
More blonde hair and eyes of blue
Absolutely! She will wear the dress too!
Love’s passed on, once again
Where’s it end? Where’s it begin?
To the daughter from the mother
Four generations, love one another.

Okay so it's Good Friday, we have eggs to color, a few chores to finish and lots of fun to have. Wishing you and yours a Blessed Easter weekend. Hoping to get back here very soon.
Until we meet again,
From Tulip~