Thursday, July 25, 2013

Local Fair Wrap-Up, only 16 days since my last post~YIKES!!!!

Hey there friends,

Did you wonder what happened to us? Well guess no more, here comes a barrage of pictures and misc random facts about the wanderings of this Farm family for the last 2 weeks or so............... Why have I been MIA? Well its Fair Season, kinda similar to any other sports season, long hours, hard work, but oh so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!

It started where I started, Sturgeon........ The little town I grew up in a few miles away was our first show of the season. We took 6 head of cattle, 4 steers, 2 heifers. That night Cody showed a steer and a heifer, Sam showed 2 steers, Jenna showed a steer and Seth showed a heifer; take a look.

After their bath, they get tied to a tree in the yard. 

How many kids does it take to fit a calf?

Every job needs a Supervisor, right?

Getting ready to head into the ring. 

Such ferocious beasts, and the calf looks wild too! ;) 

Cody's last year and Seth's first year in 4H 

Wondering what mischief inspired this big smile?!?!?

Jenna Claire workin' the stick, doing her thing. 

The Sturgeon Cattle Show actually happens while the Centralia Fair is going on, which means that we had fair 'duties' before and after that show. We had helped get ready for the fair, checked in building exhibits, etc. Then the day AFTER the Sturgeon Cattle show was the Centralia Cattle Show. The Farmer and I used to be Chairmen of this, but when our kids became old enough to show, we passed the torch, so to speak. Now The Farmer's sister and her husband run the show, because as you can see, we are a LITTLE busy!!!

The littlest farmer was working away at his heifer.

Most important part of the show, getting the ribbon. 

At 10 yrs older, Cody is a LITTLE more serious in the ring. 

Seth is stretching that stick to its limits. 

Out of the ring, not as serious! 

Reserve Champion Angus Steer

Jenna and 'Horns'

Sam and 'Twinkle Toes' 

As soon as the two local fairs concluded, we got right to work preparing for county fairs, we show at two. The county we are 4H members in and the county we live in. For most people that would be the SAME county. But for us, we live in the absolute edge of Monroe County, the kids are in 4H in Audrain County and actually attend school, in yet another county, Boone. So between 4H, FFA and where we live, we could actually call three counties OUR county fair. :)

A few days after the local fairs, we headed to the Monroe County Fair. It was a very hot day there, I really can't think of too many Monroe County Fair Cattle Show days that aren't hot! Mid July, in Mid Missouri that's pretty well the deal!

Sam washing the girlfriends' calves, hmmmmmmmmmm

Our nephew Marshall and his bottle calf.

BYOB? Well when you are showing bottle calves, YES!

Some of our cattle showing fam, the Cooley's

Our group is BIG, kids galore! 

It's a group effort, Cody was holding a calf while our neighbor showed her other heifer.

Sam helping another member of our club show his cow calf pair.

Cody's steer, I would offer its name, but he doesn't name them anymore.

Seth and 'Scratchy' his heifer this year, she was his bottle calf last year.

Jenna and her steer, she does name hers, this is Horns.

Last of the four smaller fairs we do is our county fair, which started last Friday. Friday was spent baking cookies and biscuits for the little kids Foods building exhibits, pies for my concession stand donation and preparing food to take to the fair. We can't afford to feed everyone every meal there, we'd go broke! ;) While the little kids and I got their exhibits checked in, the big boys got our spot in the barn ready. Then this last Saturday, we spent about 16 hours on the fairgrounds, showing cattle. Our neighbor girl got sick and wasn't able to show her cattle, so we jumped in and helped out. (You thought I had ALREADY added A LOT of pics, wait till you see this group!)

We sorta take up a BIG section of the fairgrounds when we get there!

Lunch was TACOS!

The canopies provided a nice shade. 

Our club made 100% of the entries of the 4H Bucket Calf Class.

Sam showing Brittney's Angus Heifer.

Sam showing Brittney's Charolais Heifer

Cody and Jenna showing her Cow Calf Pair

The Farmer doing some of the 'dad duties' at the show. 

Dollens sisters, members of our club. 

Sam showing someone's Shorthorn heifer, not sure who's. 

Seth and Scratchy, show face on! 

Cody got Senior Showman. 

Sam showing Britt's Angus Bull

Cody and The Queen, Emily! 

Jenna won the light weight steer class. 

Ol' Seffy Kamps gives momma a half hearted smile.

Cody and his steer

Sam (AKA Brittney as they were now calling him) showing his OWN steer. 

So as you can see we have been a LITTLE busy the last little bit. And although there's not any fairs this week for us, there's football camp, which I need to go get Sam from.

Enjoying these beautiful summer days,
From Tulip~