Thursday, April 30, 2009

A poem that popped into my brain today

David, my husband, the farmer

First I hear the door,
Then, your steps across floor.
Our greeting—hugs and hellos,
Then the girl and the fellows.

I see it in your eyes,
The stresses of the day.
I want to celebrate the successes,
And wipe all the rest away.

Feed and Clothe us, keep us warm,
Protect and Love us, allow no harm.
Toil and Labor, day in, day out,
I’m so proud of you, without a doubt!

Dedication, Responsibility, and Devotion
Only your family evokes more emotion.
Pajamas and baths, hugs and kisses,
Kids finally asleep, time for Mister and Missus.

Asleep in a spoon,
By the light of the moon.
Night full of dreams,
Until the sun again beams.
As I laid in bed last night WIDE AWAKE (too much caffeine too late in the day) these phrases started popping into my brain and put themselves together. I am no poet, but I do love my husband and I thought it was pretty neat after I got it all down on paper. Thought that I would share.
From Tulip,