Friday, May 17, 2013

On the Farm Friday--History of H&K Farms, The Family

The family that farms together at H&K Farms right now is comprised of The Farmer and his family, his sister and her family and their mother. Let me elaborate.

The Farmer,DH, my husband who doesn't like be mentioned on any form of social media, including Facebook,blogs and the like, is actually the 'H' of H&K Farms..... his parents named him David. We got married 23 years ago. At that time, the farm partners were him, his parents and grandparents. The farm has evolved over the years with births and deaths, to now include our household of kids, the fab four, Cody, Sam, Jenna and Seth.

Now most of you know that my first initial is K, as it is part of my signature line at the end of each post. If you don't know anything else, you know that. But for some, I am about to whoop on you some big news, I am not, I repeat am NOT the 'K' of H&K Farms.................nope not at all. The 'K' or multiple K's as it would seem, would stand for Kable, the surname of The Farmer's baby sister. Hasekamp and Kable. They are the other half of the partnership.

Maybe it was so we wouldn't forget, or just habit, but for years, you rarely heard my brother in law referred by anyone as anything else but 'Kable' In fact I can remember my mother asking, what IS his first name? Well in time, he (Jason, in case you didn't know the answer to that trivia question) courted, and married The Farmer's sister, Beth AKA Aunt B. Then she was a Kable, so when a person mentioned Kable, who did they mean, it was so forward just a very few years when the Princess Jenna Claire began her reign over the land of Tulip, she began calling Jason/Kable/the brother in law/whats his his current 'nick name' Uncle Honey. No one is totally certain where it came from. Aunt B sometimes calls him Honey, but really not that often, she still gets to call him Kable, as she knows who she means. I secretly wonder if after getting in trouble for opening his Christmas gifts early the year that she recognized 'her name' (okay the letter J, but she was only 3 yrs old) on some packages and getting in trouble, she decided then and there that he needed a new name, so there wouldn't be any more confusion.

Many followers who read this blog know that our kids have some nicknames as well. The oldest, or Twig was actually named Cody. Next we have The Beast or Bubba; which would be Sam. Next up we have JH, The Princess, The Cattle Whisperer, Sis, Sassy or Sassafras..........that would be none other than Jenna. Now poor Seth has a nickname that has unknown origins, maybe subconsciously we wanted to name him something else, I have no idea................but he's usually Fred. Once in a while, he's Squealy Willie (kinda an off shoot of his middle name William, hard to say)

There are probably many people who think we are weird for using nicknames, or maybe even a bunch of rednecks, both assessments are likely correct. But you will be consoled to know that all names or nicknames are very much terms of endearment, as we love these people very much. In an occupation like farming, where many MANY hours are spent together, just the family and not many other people, we have to not only love each, but LIKE each other, A LOT. If not those long days, short nights would be unbearable.

Very proud that at H&K Farms its a much about FAMILY as it is about Farm,

From Tulip~



Monday, May 13, 2013

Tune in Tuesdays---Cody Graduation Video

This weeks post is featuring the video we had at Cody's graduation party. It was created by our friends at Gramke Graphics. They are local production company who specialize in photos and video.

This has been one those 'big memory' weeks last week at our house. Getting ready to jump into a new stage in our lives. As I watched to video I was reminded just how fast its all flew by. In a few months we will pack him up and spend him to college.

Trying come off the incredible ride of the last several days, is it back when 'just working' seems like rest?

From Tulip~



Sunday, May 12, 2013

Silent Sunday (going to break the 'rules')

I usually do a Silent Saturday or Sunday post, mostly because its a great way to catch up if I haven't blogged all week with pictures and quick captions. But, this week its going to be hard to be silent, so indulge me a proud momma post, since's it's Mother's Day and all..........

Sam had his final Fine Arts night as a Band student. With all that they do in High School, he's not going to try and keep Band in the mix of activities, so this was his final performance, so to speak.
Sam had his 8th grade dance AKA 'Poo Poo Prom' His little date was Maddie Taylor, daughter of our good friends, Todd and Mandy, who are part of our 'cattle showin' family, for those keeping track.
Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?
Cody at Scholarship night, so after adding up what he's received and comparing to what the FAFSA 'says' we should be able to contribute, sitting pretty nicely FOR THIS YEAR.........the next three, yikes! ;)
Cody receiving Profiency Award at FFA Banquet.
Cody presents The Farmer and yours truly with Honorary Chapter Degrees at the Banquet.
Our oldest, in his cap and gown.
Our family=blessed!

Okay so a quick run down, 5 school events this week, plus a party at our house with over 120 people from three different states besides this one, now if I could only veg out tomorrow, but not too many opportunities to sub left, so its off to work I go. What a week!

Enjoying a bowl of 'leftover' graduation ice cream (yes Homemade) what considering JUST HOW BLESSED this Mother's Day has been,

From Tulip~