Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sam's Field Trip, more info

Here's the link to a local newspaper article about the place Sam visited on his field trip:

Looks like from the article, kind of similar to the 'Science Center' in StL maybe, I am wanting to go there and check it out for myself.

:) KH

Where have I been?

To my loyal followers, Aunt Olivia, Mom and Marcy (and whoever else, those are the ones who I know have mentioned visiting here) I am back online. I am thinking that I won't be asked to do any 'happy Dell customer' commercials any time soon. This four month old computer has had more 'growing pains' than the one that I owned for 6.5 years.................... ugh, technology is great when it works, FRUSTRATING as he!! when it doesn't, especially after it has you all hooked on all the conveniences that it offers............... Will try not to make this post a 'vent'.
Okay last post was 2 or 3 weeks ago, what's been going on................
It warms up once in a while here, enough to remind us that summer and all that entails, is really gonna show up one of these days. (and then I will probably be complaining about the heat)
Jenna got 'done' with Preschool last week. Lots of 'moments'~the picnic, the last day, the program, the graduation, a few mommy tears along the way.
Cody has been going to weight training after school, we are thinking that bucking bales, and scooping grain would be about the same work out, but those days are coming soon enough.
Sam's class had their field trip in Columbia last week also, they toured the 'Candy Factory' (aka my competition, ha!) they also toured the 'YouZeum' which if it was Cody's class who went I would know all about, but since it was Sam's I can't tell you one thing........ they also had lunch at the Shelter Gardens and sorry Mom you probably could have had lunch with him if I had got it arranged.......
What else??????? Us Hasekamp ladies had a garage sale today, not a bank breaker, but at 50, 25 and even a few 10 cent items, alot of things were sold, and the guys didn't have much to haul home.
Haven't found back the 'picture uploader' program yet that I used to add pics, so it may be a while before I get them on here, but I have some cute ones taken of Jenna all dressed up before her program/graduation, etc..........
Well that's about it, lots going on, hope to get back here soon and share more of our family with you, from Tulip~