Friday, December 4, 2009

Homemade Christmas Gifts, 2009 version

This year I decided that partly because of the hub bub and hype of Christmas and the focus on the materialistic things, AND shortage of CASH; I am making GOBS of the Christmas gifts we are giving. This fall Seth started preschool and goes Monday-Wednesday-Friday mornings. Well in effort to save gas, get in shape and accomplish the goal of homemade gifts, this is my morning routine. Drop off all four kids, yes at four different buildings, then drive to the quilt shop. It doesn't open till 9AM and I get done dropping off kids about 8:20, so I walk for about 40 minutes, which is around 2.5 miles. Then after the quilt shop opens, I take my sewing machine and whatever project that I am working on in and sew for a little over 2 hours each of those mornings. This has allowed me to make a Quilt for 'Festival of Sharing' that I donated in October, birthday gifts for two of my sisters-in-law, clothes for Jenna and Trinity (by Christmas they will have 3 matching outfits, a blue, tan and pink jumper each!) And some kind of sewn gift for basically everyone on our Christmas list. Since I can't remember who all follows this blog, I am not going to be specific. :)

The two pictures added to this post are a pillow I made to participate in the Christmas Challenge at the Quilt Shop, it will be a gift, if I can stand to give it away. The focus fabric is the ivory fabric with the pine branches and navy ornaments on it, I couldn't get real excited about it, so just added it into a project that I had been wanting to try. The Tree Quilt Square isn't totally original, another customer at the Quilt Shop made a BEAUTIFUL QUILT from a pattern sold there and I just fell in love with it, but decided that I could figure out a basic square similar to the one featured, so that was my attempt.

The other picture of the Christmas Stocking was a donated project as well. Material Girl Quilt Shop and Prairie Queen Quilting are sponsoring a service project where they challenged us to create a homemade stocking and donate it, they will in turn fill all donated stockings and give them to kids in need in our local area. For donating the stocking, we get to put our name in a drawing for a chance to win $50 in free quilting on our next project! So it's a win-win thing.

I am donating one other thing this holiday season. Those who follow this blog may remember the coloring book bags that I made and gave to Seth and Jenna for Valentines Day this year. I have made 10 more this year (all totally out of my fabric stash!). I bought Crayons when they were cheap at Back to School time and also purchased coloring books recently to put inside them. They are being donated to 'Christmas is Caring' which is a charity group in Paris, MO that our church helps out with.

Well if I am going to complete all of these projects, I should probably close this message. I hope to add more pictures of projects that I am working before Christmas, but who knows, it sure gets busy around the holidays. In case I don't get back here to my blog and if I don't get another chance, I would like to wish you and yours a blessed Christmas Season from me and the blessings in my life, my wonderful husband, David, and the four lights of our lives, Cody, Sam, Jenna and Seth.

Merry Christmas,

From Tulip~


Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Pictures and Updates

Since it was pointed out that I failed to make any mention of having a daughter, thought that I would mention that yes Jenna still lives here with us, much to her dismay somedays. I think she would move in with Rosel and her sheep at any given moment if given the chance. Although we scored fairly well at her birthday, she got to have a party with her friends, (see picture if it uploaded) also got a pair of Pink Justin Gypsies for her birthday, in laymans terms cowboy boots, which is the ONLY thing that has been on her feet since. She's having a great year at school, blowing me away with how quickly she's learning to read (thank goodness!) talks alot about a little boy named Lance, but he's not her boyfriend! :) And she's patiently awaiting turning 8 (just turned 7 on the 1st of Nov) because she knows that 8 is the magic age of being in 4H which she has waited her whole life to be in! Then she can FINALLY show cattle, no more of this bottle calf and sheep showing stuff, she'll be in the big leagues and Cody and Sam look out! Alas one more summer of bottle calves and lambs, and yes she's already asked if there is any calves that need a momma! OMG ;)

Also if they upload, I added a picture of Cody IN his Football uniform, playing in the marching band at halftime of the game the other night. And I think you are seeing a picture of Dad and I at the Veterans Ceremony yesterday.......for some reason however I used to upload pictures onto this blog easily in the past isn't working so well today.
Well it looks like there MIGHT be pictures on this post, so from Tulip~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Today was a really great one! Sam's school honored Veteran's with the 'Old Glory' project. Each student picked a veteran who was special to them and wrote them a letter. It told them why they wanted to honor them. And it also invited them to a Ceremony held at Sam's school today. Sam picked Dad. During the ceremony he presented him with a Flag that he had written a short essay on the 'white stripes' about what Freedom means to him. This was just an awesome event. Complete with the local VFW presenting the colors, the 5th graders sang America the beautiful. Mrs Dickerson the Social Studies teacher had several students read their letters aloud and the essays they wrote on the flags. What a wonderful tribute to all veterans, I can't imagine spending Veterans Day any other way!

Quick update on the life at Hasekamps~

Football is still in full swing! Our varsity is ranked #1 in the State and is in the process of making their way to the state championships! All of the boys get to dress out, the entire JV and Freshman teams, so Cody is on the sidelines and we are in the stands. He also plays on the Marching Band at halftime. Speaking of Cody since Band and Football don't

keep him busy enough, he's also in FFA and went to the national convention in October which was in Indianapolis, IN. Had a great time there I think, his story he enjoys sharing the most is that 'Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs (cable TV show)' was the opening session speaker and he thought he was amazing!

Sam has started wrestling season. (Cody is too old for club, and also decided to not wrestle in HS, which actually now that I am over it, is okay, less driving)

Cody got his permit, that's been interesting, and I will leave it at that.

Seth is going to preschool three mornings a week. (I am sewing at the Quilt shop while he's there, saves gas driving back and forth and wait till everyone sees at Christmas what all I have made!)

David is done harvesting beans, they are shelling corn now, running behind but October was SO WET, it couldn't be helped.

Would like to blog longer, but 4H is tonight and there's no missing, as this year I am the Community leader aka for in charge..........

Till next time,

From Tulip~


Saturday, July 25, 2009

My new purse

Inspired by beautiful purses made by my friend, Lori (her blog: ) I decided after spending way too much on yet another blog, which is to make the 'Charming Handbag'.

I needed a purse to match my outfit for this evening. It's my 20 year class reunion. (matching accessories are important for these events, LOL) I had purchased a 'charm pack' (for the uneducated on these things, its a packet of precut fabric squares, 5" all from the same line of fabric, so beautifully coordinated!) My original intention for purchasing this was that I have a wedding next spring, daughter of a friend and I thinking about a quilt for the gift. Like paint at my house fabric has to live with me awhile and age, then it can become something.

I shopped this week for a new outfit for the aforementioned reunion and came up with something, out of character for in that it's 'frilly and girlie' but I will live........ It's a cute top in teals, taupes, cream and brown with a little yellow and green. Bought some cream colored tailored capris to go with and a cute necklace.......... I am a HUGE purse ADDICT and really looked for a purse to go with it, but since this outfit isn't the usual 'Kathy' fare......... sturdy and leather didn't seem to I had decided, oh well...........until........

I was on the Moda website (again for those who don't already know, Moda is a brand name of fabric, one I have come intimately acquainted with via Material Girl Quilt Shop!!! YAY MEREDITH!!!) Anyway, I saw the CUTE CUTE CUTE Charming Handbag on there and decided to give it a whirl. Now I did some altering of the pattern, instead 16 4" squares, I did 9 5" squares and I didn't put the plastic piece in the bottom and only used quilt batting for interior stiffness, whatever you call that......... anyway this also marking to firsts for me......machine quilting and having an appealing result and I actually used pins during most of the times that it was suggested and yes I think it probably made it all come out much better, most of my points meet, no easing of the extra fabric was needed, etc.........

I am excited to use my new purse. Speaking of using it, I have a reunion to get ready for.

Until next time,

From Tulip~

PS--yes I added a button to the front after the picture was taken and the Moda fabric line that most of this purse is made of is Moda's Figgy Pudding, which is actually a Christmas line, ok, gotta go!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Centralia Fair Cattle Show, July 11th

Since pictures uploading seems to be a challenge, I am going to hope that the ones I am currently trying upload happen........ I will randomly describe them as goodness knows that however I tried to upload them, chances are they will be in no particular order......
Seth and Jenna were 2 of about 10 open bottle calf class exhibitors, this is a great class to watch and the judge really made it great. It's so cool that the kids who aren't even old enough to show want to and do, but the judge took his microphone out to the arena and asked the questions and we heard their responses! TOO CUTE!!! Now Seth isn't quite as gungho as Jenna and still needs Sam to help him, but he's getting there. Jenna of course is a 'pro' and was mad at her daddy for not letting her pull the legs, which is cattle show slang for 'fitting/grooming' her calf....... She's a mess. Her black eye that she received earlier in the week was about gone. (Story: she fell, sppoked the calf who kicked, you get the picture, no broken bones or eye injuries! Thankfully!!!)
The boys did great with their heifers and steers. Sam's heifer won her class over some older, bigger entries, but the judge liked how his was built! That's cool! Cody's heifer was competing against a high dollar heifer (too long of a story for this blog) so she placed right where she should have in the class. Sam's Angus Steer was in the middle of his class, might have placed higher if the judge hadn't had to watch him run around the ring, remember his name is 'Play' and for good reason. Their crosbred steers won their classes and came in right below two REALLY HIGH DOLLAR steers, so for what we paid, they did GREAT!!! It was a good night. Looking forward to this weekend and showing at Audrain County.
From Tulip~
PS--almost a hour later, only one pic uploaded, sorry, maybe I will have better luck later. :)

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictures from today, take 2

(Samuel Earl Hasekamp, newest member of Tulip Christian Church!)
So that didn't work..........

I tried to add pictures from Facebook onto blogger, supposedly it works, but you can't prove it by me, I think onc eupon a time, I did it, but I can't seem to make it work tonight, so uploading one the slow/old fashioned way........ so now I will ramble on to kill time, while I wait to see if it uploaded THIS time........... (BTW, Brit, you with faster internet and probably more computer skills and a blog of your own, TRY this importing pics thing sometime, then you can teach me! PLEASE!!!!!)

No picture yet, okay to describe the picture you may or may not end up seeing that is supposed to accompany this post. It is one taken of Sam right after he was baptised today. For those who don't know the whole story and since I apparently have time..........

This spring our Pastor, Shelia Christy, started a class for kids thinking about joining the church. Sam was the youngest in it, but went to the classes. They concluded about the first of June and on Father's Day, Sam went up and made his confession of faith and decided to be baptised. Well Tulip CC doesn't have a baptismal, so we planned to do this at Sturgeon CC, where I was baptised and the church I grew up in. (David was 'sprinkled' or Christened as a baby as they went to a UCC church at that time.) So today, Sam was baptised at Sturgeon Christian Church, the same as me, and the church David and I got married in. Nice to have all those milestones in a memorable place. Sturgeon CC has a special place in my heart, and today was just another new chapter. (okay looks like you have a picture now at the top)
Well this week has several to-do's to I am going to close and go to bed EARLY, at least early for me.......
From Tulip~

Trying something new

I think I have figured out how to import pics from Facebook onto Blogger....... waiting for the pic to get here..... not sure it worked, going to 'publish' and see if it shows up.......
Crossing my fingers,
From Tulip~

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Playing Catch-Up, Picture wise

I know that I am bad, I haven't added pictures on here for quite some time, so I am attempting to get some added today, let's see how it goes. I had a good one of Dad with the Grandkids on Father's Day. Saying I get them added, I am hoping that you see also, some pics from the first Cattle Show of Summer, and if I get REALLY lucky, you are also seeing pictures from our Family Reunion............. we'll see how it goes.
(okay so my life isn't allowing me to get more pix uploaded and they obviously didn't upload in the right order.............)
Anyway, so it goes,
From Tulip~

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Lots of pictures........

Cody with Bob and Gladys, notice how he's taller than everyone but David in all these pics?

My parents and Cody at the Pool Hall afterwards. (we had everyone come over there for a LATE light supper of sandwiches, chips, veggie tray, fruit salad, cookies and homemade icecream, all of Cody's choices.)

Us with Cody afterwards, still at school.

Here's Cody's humoring my mother, but I am not going to smile face before the dance. (Notice the red tie in ALL the pics, he found this StL Cardinals tie sometime when we were clothes shopping, and if he has to wear one, he seems a little less put out if he can wear that all dress shirts have to match that tie! :)

May has been a busy month around here. This first picture is of Cody before the 8th grade dance. I have some with friends, both boys and girls, but didn't want to get in trouble for posting the 'wrong' thing....... Other pics I am planning to upload, we will see how this goes are from 8th Grade Graduation, ones with David and I, ones with his grandparents, etc.......... Wish me luck, this works, SOMETIMES and others not so much....... anyone who reads this who doesn't do Facebook, you should, I try to put pics on there as well........ one time I figured out how to transfer pics from either there to here, or here to there........ and now can't seem to figure out how I did that, so in order to see the most pics you gotta go to both, I am sorry, I am technology poor......... maybe someday, the internet will be FAST in the country without having to pay an arm and a leg for it!!! (Okay so they finally uploaded, exactly backwards.........but they're on there) Maybe I will put some more pics on another day...... have some cool ones of my rose bush, and took some of the summer outfits I made Jenna this weekend.

Until then, from Tulip~


Thursday, April 30, 2009

A poem that popped into my brain today

David, my husband, the farmer

First I hear the door,
Then, your steps across floor.
Our greeting—hugs and hellos,
Then the girl and the fellows.

I see it in your eyes,
The stresses of the day.
I want to celebrate the successes,
And wipe all the rest away.

Feed and Clothe us, keep us warm,
Protect and Love us, allow no harm.
Toil and Labor, day in, day out,
I’m so proud of you, without a doubt!

Dedication, Responsibility, and Devotion
Only your family evokes more emotion.
Pajamas and baths, hugs and kisses,
Kids finally asleep, time for Mister and Missus.

Asleep in a spoon,
By the light of the moon.
Night full of dreams,
Until the sun again beams.
As I laid in bed last night WIDE AWAKE (too much caffeine too late in the day) these phrases started popping into my brain and put themselves together. I am no poet, but I do love my husband and I thought it was pretty neat after I got it all down on paper. Thought that I would share.
From Tulip,

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Picture, a little late

Been a busy place around here lately. Lots of little things, nothing real huge to report, thought I had already uploaded the Easter picture, but apprently hadn't, so here's the 2009 edition of the Hasekamp kiddos on Easter morning. You might note that the profile picture on my blog is of them LAST year......... yes Cody has grown SEVERAL inches, the rest have as well but his is the most noticable, Jenna's golden locks are longer I think and no Sam hasn't really gotten that dark of hair. We colored his hair for State wrestling and haven't cut it yet, so it is still black, thankfully no longer NEON black as it was the first day or two and actually I am getting used to it, so it will look weird to me when we cut it off I think. Seth is sporting his usual bold fashion choices with the boots on the outside of his slacks, but he's got clothes on, so I am not complaining. Jenna's dress was one that Aunt Lynn got her for Christmas. The week before Easter among other things was spent sewing a dress for the American girl doll to match and the little turkey didn't even have her doll in the picture! :) Oh well.
Have had a few catering jobs lately, it always amazes me how one little thing going wrong can totally throw everything into a pickle....... Had a job last week for desserts originally around a 100 that turned into almost 250....... Not that 250 cream puffs would have been a walk in the park, but when they wouldn't rise, etc and I had to regroup, 500 cookies in replacement was a fun challenge......... added to that the ordered Turtle pretzels and dipped strawberries, last week was a little busy! Some of our good friends are getting married in a few weeks and I will be cooking again, this time is supper for up to 200, she is working on a 'head count' for me right now. This one will be great, a good ol' meat and potatoes meal, looking forward to the cooking and to the day.
We are now within the last month of school, so there are many trips into school for misc assemblies, picnics, field trips, etc etc....... will make the last month go fast that's for sure.
Cody graduates from 8th grade, Monday evening, May 18th. We are planning a little get together at the Pool Hall I think for afterwards..... Then BRING ON SUMMER. As I sit here typing and I am being 'called' outside, it is a glorious spring day outside, there's surely something that I can find to do out there? Right??
Well I am headed out to see what I can find. From Tulip~

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I almost hate to ask this question, but........could this week GET any busier??

I took a quiz recently on Facebook that asked how many kids were you supposed to have? Not surprising to me, I scored in the '4-7 kids' bracket. Big shock. Before we had kids I used to say dumb stuff like 5 or 6 would be great.......... I know I must have been smokin' something. Anyway.....lots of morning sickness, heartburn, swollen ankles, sleepless nights, and diapers later, I have to say I have EXACTLY the family that I was supposed to have.
Take this week for example, it is the week leading up to the 'Grand Finale' of the Youth Wrestling Season, State Tournament is THIS weekend, I swear we just started practices last week, oh wait, yeah guess that was 5 months ago.......... hmmmm time flies I guess when you're having fun. We have practice EVERY night this week, yes by choice, no they aren't required, in fact our club doesn't have it every night, so we are actually 'crashing' another club's practice tonight. But you know Sam has worked very hard to get this far and I am not going to stand in his way. Wrestling keeps us busy throughout the winter that is for sure.
Then I start factoring in the guilt our busy life has on my heart. I feel guilty that we don't spend the 'quality time' together at home doing nothing that we probably should be spending, I feel guilty that there is way too many loads of laundry that I am behind on, a few too many dirty dishes and when have I dusted, I couldn't tell you. That's just the kids and home guilt. Now there's the friends and 'community' guilt as well. One of my dearest friends is running for local office, while yes I have made it to alot of the campaign meetings, but there's many things that I have not gotten done, several I volunteered to do, just haven't found the time. There are my classmates who are trying to plan a class reunion, not that it's hinging on me to get that done, but I haven't been consistent with the follow-up and I know that it's hanging in limbo right now, the final plans that is. I am a very devoted church member, our church added a wonderful twice monthly Bible study this year on Wednesday nights, haven't been able to attend one of them (it's a wrestling practice night)
I didn't start this blog to whine, and I am coming around to point, stay with me........
In our busy life, there are the brightest shining moments that are the things that get me through. Some recent ones have been, in no particular order:
Last Saturday, me, my brother, and four of my cousins all came together at my grandma's and had a 'Grandma Ruby' day. There were several others around, mom and her three brothers were in and out, my kids, some of our spouses, etc...... We didn't tell her that we were coming, until a call that I made on my way to her house. We helped her clean her house, reorganize, donate and pitch alot of things, did yardwork and just had a generally GREAT day!! She, who has done SO much for us, was paid back, no where near in full, because we could never pay her back for all that she does for us, all of us, but we made a small start. She seemed to be thrilled with the help and I for one, think that we could do this again as a group or each of us switch off taking a Saturday a month and just help her keep things going. I can't even start to list all the times that she has helped me out. I feel blessed, and hope that I returned that blessing at least in part on Saturday.
Last night, the three boys and I ate supper at McDonald's. How is that a shining moment, you ask. Well let me give you the scene. As we sat and ate a meal together, we talked about of course wrestling, we laughed and generally just relaxed together for a few moments, no it wasn't at home, no it wasn't in front of a home cooked meal, and no we weren't all 6 together; but is was full of sweet mommy moments for me, watching how my sons can be each others friend and love each other at least for a few minutes over a cheeseburger and fries.
Last night the two missing from McDonald's David and Jenna 'worked.' Jenna had a ball it seems, she chattered about all that they did the second I walked in the door last night. She was thrilled to report that she 'helped' Daddy in the grain bin, thus she was dusty and had just had a bath and Daddy always does a better job combing out her beautiful golden hair.
I always worry that the wrestling or whatever 'thing/season' is taking away from our family time, but I had to laugh this morning, all three of the 'school kids' had matching shirts on as they got on the bus, 'Follow us to State, black Panther Wrestling TShirts' covered my kids back today in support of Sam and his fellow 'state bound' buddies. The kids aren't whining or feeling guilty, so why am I? hmm....
So maybe all of this busy-ness is at least sort of okay, because it gives us all excuses to do things together, experience things we might not have, and support and love each other in many different least that's what I am hoping, so my 'guilt' won't be in vain!!!
Looking out the office window and watching it rain.
From Tulip~

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pictures from the Weekend

Cody and Rachel Coen, the 8th Grade Candidates for Band Prince and Princess. They didn't win, but I thought that they both looked nice Saturday night. (thanks Becker's for letting Cody clean up at their house, we would have never gotten there on time without your help, thinking Rachel wouldn't have been smiling if he hadn't! HAHAHAHA!!!)

Sam winning one of his matches, the less than enthusiastic face I think has to do with the fact that the boy he beat is a good friend and he knocked him out of the tournament with that win. I think it's hard for the boys sometimes in wrestling as they get to be good friends with these kids. Good Season, Tanner Dowling of Moberly! See you next year!!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My boys

Today was a great day. It started rather early, the alarm went off at 4AM! Cody, Sam and I were out the door by twenty till 5. We met Wayne in Columbia and the four of us drove to Wentzville, MO for the Regional Wrestling Finals. Centralia club sent 28 boys, which I thought was oustanding! We qualified 11 to go on to State Tournament, on the last weekend of this month. SAM INCLUDED!!!!
Sam's day started out like alot of them, he had a pretty easy first match in the second round, had a bye in the first round as he was seeded 1st in the bracket. The bye and two wins under his belt going into the semi final match, he had his first really well matched competition this year. This kid was about Sam's twin, physically and just as strong. But the advantage came in the fact that Sam's opponent has wrestled ALOT more than Sam has this year. I believe the Mom told me that they hadn't sat out a weekend all season. (either they are way more dedicated than us, or have alot more free time and disposable income......) Anyway, Sam lost in that round, he came off the mat, frustrated and I tended to agree, b/c we thought he had the kid pinned, and the ref didn't get down and see it fast enough.......oh well I guess. In Wrestle backs Sam picked up another win by pin (had three all together today!!) which set him up to wrestle for third place. Went into the third place match ready to go and did the job and we came away with third place, not a bad spot, considering the two above him, generally place high at National tournaments.
Cody didn't end up qualifying for State, but had a GREAT day as well. Lost in the second round, as his first round opponent was a scratch (not sure if he was sick or didn't make weight, we never heard) Then in Cody's first round of wrestle backs, to stay in it, he got in there and 'walked the dog' as our beloved Coach, Tim Gilbert would say! ;) Pinned that kid in the second period I think! Semi finals, he was just out muscled and then finished his day wrestling for 5th place. Came away with his last match of youth wrestling by winning, 13 to 9, in a great match. And he's already talking about weight lifting and next year.....
The second we got done wrestling, it was a flying trip back home as the Band Chili Supper and Pie Auction was going on tonight. They also crown the Band King and Queen, Prince and PRincess. This was part two, of our busy day. David, Jenna and Seth met us there. Cody played in the band performance. My pie was one of 40 some odd that were auctioned. My sweet husband was outbid at $70 by our friend, Gary Seider for my Triple Berry pie. AND.........Cody was the 8th Grade Band Prince Candidate. He didn't end up winning, but was very handsome escorting the his class Princess Candidate, Rachel Coen.
Long day, maybe when my camera revives from its dead battery coma and I revive from too many hours awake, I will get a few pics added. Until then,
From Tulip~

Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness has nothing to with Basketball at our house!

Sitting here at the computer this morning, I am feeling guilty that there are so many other things that I really OUGHT to be doing. But I have really missed getting to regularly add blogs to this site, so crossing my fingers and hoping to make this a higher priority. As I mentioned in the last post, yes I am enjoying Facebook, but I have had a goal in my 'facebook time' It's been a great tool in finding classmates and our goal of 'finding everyone' is much closer. Just a few to go! Our Class Reunion plans seem to be hard to get 'in ink' as we keep running into to conflicts with location, etc..... we are determined to have the reunion and want to stick with our current date of July 25th as the date seemed to suit most people the best. (Crossing my fingers and hoping my back yard isn't the only location available, but will take on for the team if necessary!)
Wrestling is starting it's wind up towards the FINALE at the end of the month. Districts are this weekend in Jefferson City. Sam is seeded 1st in his bracket, there are 6 others in the bracket, he's beaten at least 4 others more than once this year and the other two are first year wrestlers, so he's feeling pretty good about his prospects. And for Sam it's all about the shirt and I promised a 'district champ' t-shirt if he wins it all, so he's got a goal! ;) Cody is seeded 3rd. The districts' top 6 qualifiers go on to Regionals next weekend and that is at Wentzville, MO. From there the top 4 go to State at Hearnes Center the last weekend of March!
4-h is seems to get busier all the time, there are several county activities going on right now, preparations are being made towards this summer's fair, this month is a fundraiser. At our household, calves are being lead pretty well everyday mostly still by David and Bob, but the boys are spending some time in the barn with curry combs and doing a little leading. That will change as soon as wrestling is over, the boys will start spending ALOT more time with them, plus helping the men with field work, which of course we are hoping starts promptly the first of April! (cross your fingers!)
There is one final hog on our farm.......... everything else has been sold, so with all of their 'free time' the men have been working on some new projects. Beth and Jason took over the 'ABS' dealership (which means they now sell cattle semen) We will also being offering the service of AI-ing cows for customers. David and Beth got certified last weekend and Jason already is. Projects around here to help out with this little venture have been the tearing down of our farrowing huts that were along the south side of the little barn behind our house. The guys are building a corral and pen system to make it easier to get our cows in for that pasture and whenever someone would bring in a group of cows to get bred, this system would help in moving the groups around. It looks very nice, David has spent alot of time on the welder. I think he looks forward to the project getting done.
As always there's much more I could share, but that list of what all else, I SHOULD be doing is looming, so I should probably start tackling some of the jobs.
From Tulip~

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Remember us?

I have to admit that I have a new addiction, Facebook, which has seemed to 'eat up' alot of my internet time as of late. But besides being other places onthe web, we are just plain BUSY lately. The boys are in the middle of wrestling season and having great seasons!! I think Sam has only lost 2 or 3 times! Most of his wins are by pin! And Cody is winning some matches and accumulating some pins himself! Plus I have tried to take a more active role in the county 4H committees this year, so there have been several meetings to attend. Okay enough with the excuses.

What's all going on lately that good great and fun??? I have been sewing alot lately. Recently made the kids' Valentines' gifts. Jenna and Seth got coloring book totes with pockets for markers that you see in the picture. I also made the boys drawstring mesh bags for some of their wrestling stuff. (Wasn't as lucky to get them to pose for a picture)

Last week, David, Cody, Sam and Bob went with some friends to the National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville KY. They saw all sorts of stuff and enjoyed tractor pulls both nights that they were there. While they were gone as a last minute sort of thing, I ended up taking several orders for Valentines goodies (30 dozen dipped strawberries) That was a nice shot in the arm of the ol' checkbook! :)

Cody's gifted class at school, Nexus, is getting ready to compete in their favorite acadmeic competition, Destination Imagination. (google it if you are interested, I don't remember the website) So they are putting in lots of hours during and after school getting ready. The local competition is in Jefferson City, this Saturday. If they place high enough they go to a regional competition in Joplin, MO........if they place there they can go to Knoxville TN like they did two years ago.
The boys are likely to have a busy summer, there is a barn full of show calves. Which they are already working with, and that makes me happy, I am glad that they are learning that an extra effort will pay off in the long run. (also since there are so many, I may have to lead one, so I am liking that they are getting them tamed down! ;)
We are looking forward to more than cattle shows this summer. In June the boys will go to 4H camp and my Dad's side of the family are all gathering at my Aunt's home in Arkansas, some of them I haven't seen since we got together in Oklahoma four years ago!!! I absolutely can't wait!!!! In July is my 20th HS class reunion, we are making great progress in finding classmates, only a few are giving us a good hunt! Hopefully we will find them all!!! And they will ALL get to attend! (well looks like the picture uploaded and I really need to go to bed!)
From Tulip~

Monday, January 12, 2009

David's Birthday, catching up and misc.

Hello there
Seems like forever since I have taken time to write! That was a very long Christmas break, and I for one am glad to be back into the routine of school! Today is David's birthday! He's....... older than me, and that's all I better say. He's taking getting older and having a birthday with alot better attitude than normal, so I won't push it! :) We had 20 people for lunch yesterday to celebrate. I served Pork loin, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, slaw and macaroni and cheese. My mom brought crock pot corn, Grandma brought jello, and Gladys made one of David's favorite's, German Chocolate Cake. So we ATE WELL.
So much has happened since my last entry. The boys have been to two wrestling tournaments. At Boonville the weekend after Christmas, they took second and third, which they were pleased with. Then on the 3rd we went to Blair Oaks, I say we as we ALL went. The little kids did better than I expected them to. And the boys had spectacular days. They both got second place in their respective divisions. Sam pinned two guys and Cody pinned one! GREAT DAY! We went with our good friends, Bob and Margo and their kids to a great pizza place afterwards, Arri's across from the capital in Jeff City. For us that is almost as much a tradition during wrestling season for tourney's in JC as a stop to Central Dairy for ice cream.
Jenna who has been 'blessed' with bad teeth has had an expensive Christmas break, going twice to the dentist and we have one more appointment scheduled and will be racking up a HUGE bill, of course farmers don't have dental coverage!! We thought that she was going to be even MORE expensive as she's been having some ear problems, another one of those 'blessings' of heredity and we had considered putting tubes in her ears. With the BIG dental bills, we are going to hold off at least for now. Not to say next week we will have changed our minds. :)
I am very excited and looking forward to some Quilting classes that I have registered to take at 'Material Girl Quilt Shop' in town. Meredith has a great assortment of classes that she's offering through winter and early spring. There are several good classes with an assortment of totes and purses that you can make. There's even a luggage class, too cool! These are being taught by Lori Van Maanen. Some are on Saturdays, some through the week. Meredith is teaching several different quilt in a day type of classes also! I have signed up for one called 'Honeyberries' this is quilt made with strips of fabric and looks really cool with black and white, which I believe is what I will be making mine out of. There's teddy bear class that looks neat, taught by Meredith's mother in law, Judy Stidham. Also Lori V. is teaching a class where you'll make a cute trendy belt. almost every class is under $30 which is very affordable when you consider the time spent by the teachers. Several of the all day classes, maybe even all include LUNCH! So that's really cool too. I think that these classes would be great for those who love to sew or would like to learn how to, Meredith offers a wide variety for all skill levels. Go in and check the schedule! Think if you start now, what great gifts you could give this year for Christmas!! :)
Well the kids are home and I am trying to manage supper, homework and chores, so I better close this. Hoping that everyone had a blessed holiday and is comfortable settling into 2009!
From Tulip~