Saturday, March 14, 2009

My boys

Today was a great day. It started rather early, the alarm went off at 4AM! Cody, Sam and I were out the door by twenty till 5. We met Wayne in Columbia and the four of us drove to Wentzville, MO for the Regional Wrestling Finals. Centralia club sent 28 boys, which I thought was oustanding! We qualified 11 to go on to State Tournament, on the last weekend of this month. SAM INCLUDED!!!!
Sam's day started out like alot of them, he had a pretty easy first match in the second round, had a bye in the first round as he was seeded 1st in the bracket. The bye and two wins under his belt going into the semi final match, he had his first really well matched competition this year. This kid was about Sam's twin, physically and just as strong. But the advantage came in the fact that Sam's opponent has wrestled ALOT more than Sam has this year. I believe the Mom told me that they hadn't sat out a weekend all season. (either they are way more dedicated than us, or have alot more free time and disposable income......) Anyway, Sam lost in that round, he came off the mat, frustrated and I tended to agree, b/c we thought he had the kid pinned, and the ref didn't get down and see it fast enough.......oh well I guess. In Wrestle backs Sam picked up another win by pin (had three all together today!!) which set him up to wrestle for third place. Went into the third place match ready to go and did the job and we came away with third place, not a bad spot, considering the two above him, generally place high at National tournaments.
Cody didn't end up qualifying for State, but had a GREAT day as well. Lost in the second round, as his first round opponent was a scratch (not sure if he was sick or didn't make weight, we never heard) Then in Cody's first round of wrestle backs, to stay in it, he got in there and 'walked the dog' as our beloved Coach, Tim Gilbert would say! ;) Pinned that kid in the second period I think! Semi finals, he was just out muscled and then finished his day wrestling for 5th place. Came away with his last match of youth wrestling by winning, 13 to 9, in a great match. And he's already talking about weight lifting and next year.....
The second we got done wrestling, it was a flying trip back home as the Band Chili Supper and Pie Auction was going on tonight. They also crown the Band King and Queen, Prince and PRincess. This was part two, of our busy day. David, Jenna and Seth met us there. Cody played in the band performance. My pie was one of 40 some odd that were auctioned. My sweet husband was outbid at $70 by our friend, Gary Seider for my Triple Berry pie. AND.........Cody was the 8th Grade Band Prince Candidate. He didn't end up winning, but was very handsome escorting the his class Princess Candidate, Rachel Coen.
Long day, maybe when my camera revives from its dead battery coma and I revive from too many hours awake, I will get a few pics added. Until then,
From Tulip~

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