Saturday, March 9, 2013

Silent Saturday-Famous Missourians, Relay Quilt, Wrestling

District 7, 14U, 190lbs, CHAMPION!

Tulip CC  Relay for Life Team Raffle Quilt

Famous Missourian, Harry S. Truman (AKA Jenna Claire)

What a week, more so, what a day!
From Tulip~

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What's for Dinner Wednesday--Chicken Noodle Soup, 'fakin it'

First off I will admit, this isn't as homemade as it could be, but I didn't open a can of Campbell's so I am calling it homemade. This is my Chicken noodle soup 'recipe'
I buy the large can of cooked chicken at Sam's club, use boxed chicken broth, Knorr chicken stock, egg noodles and frozen mixed veggies. Add everything but the noodles and bring to a boil.

Add noodles and turn it down to simmer until noodles are tender. Nothing super complicated, but my family loves it, and I pretend I really worked hard making it! ;)

Of course you could use your own cooked chicken and use the broth from cooking it, and make your own noodles, but this is as close to homemade as I generally have time for at this point in my life. This quick version of homemade allows us to eat this soup even on a busy night.

Loving that comfort food doesn't have to be complicated,
From Tulip~

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sewing Sunday's--Lots of Projects!

Well we didn't have LOTS of other things going on this weekend. That was a good thing for lots of reasons. The Farmer is still battling the massive snow and lots of heifers who don't seem to have their calves without his help and none of them getting the memo that Labor and Delivery is open 9am to 5 pm! :) Macy is getting into a routine. Our niece and nephew had their birthday party last night. But I have LOTS of projects that I need to get sewn, so in between all else that is going on, I have taken over the dining room table turned it into sewing central.
I have been working on some quilts for a friend. The last one is finally pieced. Here it is:
It's for her son's new baby. He played football in college and the center is part of his old jersey. The squares are made following a tutorial I found on You-Tube 3 Dudes Quilting they are made with Jelly Rolls Strips and twist on the Half Square Triangle blocks. I didn't use an actual jelly roll, just cut my own strips 2.5 inches wide. These turned out cute, but so much sewing on the bias made the quilt difficult to put together as it was easy to buckles and humps.

The other project I am working on a is a quilt for our church's Relay for Life team. It's a pattern I found on the Moda Bake Shop, Field of Tulips. We are taking some creative freedoms from the original layout. Here are a few of the squares:

We chose 'Little Black Dress' from Moda fabrics as we thought that it was both neutral and would go well with school colors. The tutorial has been a challenge, now that I figured out the modifications needed, the squares are coming right together. Hopefully I will soon be able to show you some pictures of the completed quilt top.
For now, I should get back to sewing. So many projects to finish, with graduation coming up, several gifts need to get completed! In a perfect world I would sit and sew all day long (and the house would be clean, food cooked, laundry done, etc, etc..............)
Trying to type while stopping every 3 seconds to take another thing away from puppy but must get back to sewing,
From Tulip~