Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Gingerbread House

Send my Mom of the week star! I let Sam talk me into buying a Gingerbread house kit. And as you see we decorated it. I let the kids do this by themselves, so it's their creation, at least Sam, Jenna and Seth. Cody wasn't interested, I am thinking there was probably a football game on TV competing for his attention! Anyway we are 'merrily' (sarcasm intented!) working our way throught the holiday season. With one fun activity after another. (refer to the above note) I know that we are making great memories and I try to remind myself of that as I was 'chipping' dried icing off the table that had almost cemented the gingerbread house in place that night! My kids were really fired up about the gingerbread being edible until they tried it....... Maybe next year we will bake our own. Maybe not........time will tell.

I have to take this moment to BRAG, I think I am done shopping or if not done VERY CLOSE!! WOO HOO!!!

That's not to say I am just sitting back and waiting around for Christmas, I don't have cards done or baking or sewing, but I have 'part' of the work done, so for that I am THRILLED! I would love to add some pictures of some of my creations, but I am not really sure who all is following this, so not ruin any surprises, I guess I will wait to post those pictures till after Christmas. But know that my sewing machine, has ran EVERYDAY for the last month and I still h ave alot more to go!!
Well I see as I type, that picture finally uploaded, gotta love that slow dial up, going to close for now, tonight is practice for the Church Christmas Program and about a million other things, you know same old, same old around here.
From Tulip~