Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What's for Dinner Wednesday--Bread (fakin' it AGAIN)

When I got my bread machine years ago, I used the mixes, and tried a few recipes from the owners manual, but never found anything I was all that excited about until I found this recipe. If I could remember where I got the recipe, I would give the credit where it's due, but I have no idea where I got it and have had it so long, it's hard to tell.

9 oz warm water
2 T oil
2 T sugar
1 t salt
3 C flour (I usually use bread flour, if I have it)
5 t yeast (also I use the bread machine version of this as well)

Add ingredients in the order listed, making a 'well' in the flour to hold the yeast.
Set your bread machine to 'express bake' (one hour loaf setting) and start it baking. One hour later, you will have this:

Let it cool.............................
Slice and serve, you might want some butter and maybe a little home canned grape jelly with it. At least we did as you can see:

If your family likes it as much as mine does, pretty soon, you will have this:

I think what I like about this recipe is that it is a one hour recipe. I never plan ahead well enough to do the 3 hour recipes that come with the owners manual. I like that I can start this recipe and then make the rest of supper and it's all done at the same time. My family must agree, they gobble it up everytime. I would tell you how long it keeps but it's never lasted through a meal here.

So now go dig that bread machine out of the cabinet and try this---TONIGHT!

Glad to share another 'comfort food' that isn't hard to make,
From Tulip~