Friday, November 21, 2008

Misc Ramblings

I feel like I always have all these little tidbits to add to this and then never get it done, because it doesn't seem like a developed enough idea to add it to the blog, so this blog will just alot of updates and odds and ends......
Our magazine is out at least to subscribers. I got my subscriber copy yesterday. I love it, maybe it's because I love the subjects. But I was really thrilled with the finished product, I was a little involved with the editting, sometimes it's just interesting to see someone else's take on what we do. Locals, the Centralia grocery stores are both going to try and get extra copies. I have discovered that HyVee and Gerbes in Columbia both usually carry it as well as Barnes and Noble. I would venture the guess that any store that carries a large variety of magazines will have it. I believe eventually it will be for sale on the website, as there is a link to order the current issue, but right now it's still offering Oct/Nov.
Okay for anyone not local who might not know I don't think I ever mentioned the end of the football season for Centralia. The 8th grade boys ended out 4-2, which I thought was a very successful year, they lost to Troy, who had about 100 boys and I am guessing is a much larger school and I don't have any opinion on the Macon game as I didn't go, but Cody says that have a running back (I think remember my football knowledge) that was a super star and was unstoppable..........
The High School team ended up the District Champions and the Conference Champions. Their season ended at Regionals with a loss to Blair Oaks. They had another phenomenial (sp?) year, we are all proud of them.
Now wrestling has begun, High School and the club have started practices. The Open house is Monday night and we are looking forward to a new sport getting started. As I know of them I will post the boys' tournaments on the side bar. There are only 4 8th graders this year, so Cody and compnay will have a big responsibility of leading the rest of the club, I feel confident that they will rise to the occasion. Seems like the club is smaller this year, but I have been in there when the younger boys practice, I may be very surprised when I see the whole group together. The boys weighed the other night and if they were in the same age group (and THANK GOD they aren't) they could probalby wrestle each other, Cody is 116 and Sam is 111 (and YES four years apart in age, but built so differently) Not sure when to say the first tournament will be that they will participate in, because there are ALOT of Sunday ones, which we aren't thrilled about, ours is now on Feb 8th, which is also a Sunday. Getting an available date that wasn't another teams tournament, not a High School tournament, not a Freshman basketball game, you get the picture........
I am getting alot of Christmas shopping and sewing done. I am looking forward to my annual shopping trip with my college friend Toma, we are trying to work out the details. We giggle and go out to eat and sometimes actually shop, but we do this every year and sometimes thats the only time we get together. I am glad that we do get together. I don't know if I am feeling nostalgic or what, but I have been craving time spent with friends and family who seem to far flung from us. Was telling Kimberly how much I missed Kenneth Earl today, you know its bad when I am whining about not seeing his ornery @$$ :)
Okay so since I have mentioned it in this blog, Trinity is cute little sweet pea. I have spent some time with her and her brother and her momma this week. We had Riddick stay the night here one night, to help his momma get a little more sleep and rest up some. Seth and I went down one day and helped her do some things around the house and we've regularly checked in on them this week. Seems like everyone is doing really good. We are celebrating Riddicks third birthday tomorrow night at the pool hall for which I am baking a 'Lightning McQueen' birthday cake.
We've had 4+ deer shot off of our land during fire arms deer season, Jason shot one of them and right now David is cutting up the meat, which we will enjoy this winter. David and the boys have went a few times, but not with much luck.
This coming Sunday David, Cody, Sam and my Dad will go and watch the KC Chiefs football game, I guess they are looking forward to it, mostly they are trying to figure what they will wear to stay warm. It's 4H Day at the Chiefs and the tickets were available at a very discounted rate, so they are going to go.
Well since I have sat down to type, everyone has suddenly gotten 'needy' so I must close this entry. I am looking forward to the holdiay season, actually looking forward to getting out the boxes and boxes of decorations and starting to do some baking and all of that.
From Tulip~
PS~Happy 6th Birthday, Brennan and Brayden Swann in Houston, TX!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

We are on the Web!

Hey there,
Well Farm and Ranch Living has updated their website to feature the Dec 08 / Jan 09 edition of their magazine, which is the one that we are diarists in. The following link will take you to a slide of pictures from our story. The magazines should available very soon. I believe I have read the stories online before as although ours isn't on there yet, it may be after the next magazine is out, not sure, anyway, I was just very excited to share!
Here's the link:

Go and check us out!
From Tulip~