Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So what's going on in your world? It sure is busy in mine..........

That's not the exact line of the George Strait song, I believe he mentions being I lonesome, shoot no. Busy, up to my eyeballs, kinda like normal. No big shocks there, right folks? For those who may not know, there have been many changes in life as we know it at H&K Farms...............Here's a little run-down:

  1. Oldest child has been away at his first semester of college, left days after my last post and I haven't posted since, no that's not my plan, but sometimes life gets in the way.........on a similar note, he has one more final to take in the morning and will be headed home for Christmas break. He goes back in January as a Sophomore..........thud, yeah it makes me feel old. 
  2. I have entered the working world. I did it for a lot of reasons. First off, it just makes sense, our kids are old enough to allow me to be gone some and they are at school all day everyday. I feel blessed to be able to relieve a little of the financial burden of our large family from The Farmer. And its afforded us the ability to offer some extras that we feel are important to our family. 
  3. Still subbing at school once in a while. The job I am mainly doing isn't even the first job I took this fall. I worked as temporary employee at a small dog show production company. I am not sure that's what they call it, but that's my best attempt at describing it. They are affiliated through the AKC. They produce (do all the nuts and bolts required) dog shows all over the country, but primarily in the Midwest. I helped with logging entries, creating the rosettes given as prizes and the creation of the catalogs and just a little bit of everything. I enjoyed the work. I loved spending time in the town I grew up in, with people I grew up with. It only ended up being a temporary thing, and it was probably for the best. I got my feet wet rejoining the working world, gave me a transition time to get used to making things work at home while not being here as much. My kids eased into the change. 
  4. Now I am an office support staff person for a real estate agency. Is this my life long dream? Not sure. Do I like it? Too new to it to know. Is it satisfying work? Yes. I am loving bringing home 'the bacon' wish the drive wasn't so long and that I could iron some of the rough spots that aren't exactly gelling but its a process, right?
  5. Our middle son is playing HS sports, we enjoyed an awesome fall of football, with him literally playing on all three levels, Freshman, JV and Varsity. Now wrestling season has begun, and he's starting to really shine. Will be a GREAT winter of watching him on the mat. 
  6. As far as writing, you all obviously realize I haven't blogged, much, like at all, lately. But that doesn't mean I haven't been writing. I have.............I have the beginnings of about 4 short stories in the works, trying to tweak them and add to them. I am considering publishing them. With media available in so many forms and self-publishing an option in some formats, its something I am considering. While I am working on the finishing touches of these stories, I am already outlining a personal story, that I am intending to write for my kids and family. I am doubting its anything that I would ever publish, strictly a labor of love. 
  7. As you also know, sewing or more specifically quilting is also a love of mine. I have combined that love with my writing skills and have a pattern that I am hoping to publish and potentially sell in the new year. 
Well as you can see, while I have been on a short hiatus in the blogging world, I certainly haven't been without my usual set of many irons in the fire. Looking forward to adding the blogging iron on a more regular basis. With the holidays approaching I would like to wish all of our followers, family and friends a truly Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Staying up too late but missing my blog and wanting to say a quick hello,

From Tulip~