Thursday, August 2, 2012

Honor Flight Update

 Cody presents a 'big check' to Shelley Becker for the Honor Flight
They hug---those two! :)

Our 4H club was able to send $600, enough to sponosr TWO veterans on the Honor Flight. We presented the check last night at our meeting to my good friend Shelley Becker, who volunteers with that program. Always feels good to help worthy causes!
Promise this might be my last entry today,
From Tulip~

End of Summer

As much as I hate to admit it, yes  the end of summer is sort of upon us. Two weeks till school starts, a week till State Fair begins, days away from 2-a-day football. The garden has all of the sudden exploded, well what is left of it. I have watered all summer. I inspected things this AM and decided between weeds and grasshoppers four rows of greenbeans and a row of misc could be mowed down. Will continue to water I suppose since the tomatoes and 2 rows of beans ARE producing. Hopefully next year I will make a better effort to plant earlier, would have been nice to have been trying to can this stuff earlier when we weren't quite so busy. Yes I actually consider some days around this farm 'not so busy' ;)
By this point in summer most years, I have said the words 'WHEN does school start?' I haven't this summer, I am trying to savor the moments a little more. The realization that this is my last summer of having 4 school kids in my house has been a bit hard to swallow, wasn't just yesterday the only summer I didn't go to State fair because I was swollen up like a tick preggers with Twig? I should find one of those pictures, oh my could we smile at that?!?!?!
Well since I am lamenting the end the of summer, I should sing its praises as well, I think. What a wonderful summer this has been. Yes there's a terrible drought, records are comparable to the Dust Bowl years of the 30's. We are thankful that the cows can eat the silage as there's next to no corn to shell at all, questionable if there will be beans. But there have been so many things to be thankful for.
This summer our boys have blown my mind. They have worked hard right with their dad and Uncle Jason basically every day that they could all summmer long. They've hauled hay, they've baled hay, they are helping with silage. Besides their usual summer things like football weight lifting, showing cattle, camps. Kinda have to wonder if they are thinking the school year could offer some 'rest' :)
We've worked hard and played hard. We have our summer grand finale yet to experience and then march into fall and all of its joys. I just wanted to drop in say hey this is whats going on today and wanted to 'write' it down so hopefully I will never forget how blessed our life is.
Typing with the shoulders of my shirt damp from standing in the rain,
From Tulip~