Sunday, July 5, 2009

Pictures from today, take 2

(Samuel Earl Hasekamp, newest member of Tulip Christian Church!)
So that didn't work..........

I tried to add pictures from Facebook onto blogger, supposedly it works, but you can't prove it by me, I think onc eupon a time, I did it, but I can't seem to make it work tonight, so uploading one the slow/old fashioned way........ so now I will ramble on to kill time, while I wait to see if it uploaded THIS time........... (BTW, Brit, you with faster internet and probably more computer skills and a blog of your own, TRY this importing pics thing sometime, then you can teach me! PLEASE!!!!!)

No picture yet, okay to describe the picture you may or may not end up seeing that is supposed to accompany this post. It is one taken of Sam right after he was baptised today. For those who don't know the whole story and since I apparently have time..........

This spring our Pastor, Shelia Christy, started a class for kids thinking about joining the church. Sam was the youngest in it, but went to the classes. They concluded about the first of June and on Father's Day, Sam went up and made his confession of faith and decided to be baptised. Well Tulip CC doesn't have a baptismal, so we planned to do this at Sturgeon CC, where I was baptised and the church I grew up in. (David was 'sprinkled' or Christened as a baby as they went to a UCC church at that time.) So today, Sam was baptised at Sturgeon Christian Church, the same as me, and the church David and I got married in. Nice to have all those milestones in a memorable place. Sturgeon CC has a special place in my heart, and today was just another new chapter. (okay looks like you have a picture now at the top)
Well this week has several to-do's to I am going to close and go to bed EARLY, at least early for me.......
From Tulip~

Trying something new

I think I have figured out how to import pics from Facebook onto Blogger....... waiting for the pic to get here..... not sure it worked, going to 'publish' and see if it shows up.......
Crossing my fingers,
From Tulip~