Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well we are falling back into our school year routine. I have to say as much as i like staying up till all hours, I am kind of liking this. Last night everyone was in bed by 9 pm. Enough time for David and I to be able to watch a movie, and actually stay awake to watch it. We watched August Rush, fyi, great 'feel good' type of movie. David always hates endings that are assumed. But it ends great, has good story, one your kids can watch, the closest thing to an adult scene is August's parents making out. I can' tthink of any cuss words that were in it. Those with Dish, its on pay per view, for $1.99.
The kids are getting into a routine, they are actually doing homework first when they get home, taking showers without too many arguements, making their beds and brushing their teeth.............. oh wait maybe that is only Jenna. No not really, the big boys are doing fine also.
Seth and I have a routine, it's work on a job, wait for Mom to get distracted, and go to visit Grandma Gladys. But it's routine I suppose. I figure by mid September I might catch up on all that gets done to the minimum all summer long, I am starting wonder if I will ever catch up!!
Speaking of routines, I have boy to pick up at football soon.
From Tulip~