Friday, July 13, 2012

We're famous! Well sorta! :)

We are featured today on 'Faces of Agriculture' which is a great new blog that is put together by two Midwestern ladies who are trying to 'fight the good fight' and get our stories out to the world. Keep up the good work girls!

Busy day at our house, sorry for the short post.

Gathering up 'everything' and headed out to tackle the day,
From Tulip~

Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's going on in your world?

The Prom, Cody and Sarah, April 2012

Mother's Day 2012, Sam and Cody standing, Seth, Jenna, Riddick and Trinity sitting

Working with calves, summer 2012

First attempt at Senior pictures

What a busy late spring and first half of summer it has been at our house. School no more than got out for summer and the big boys, went right to work hauling hay, for customers and for us. Cody ran a hay crew again this summer and stayed pretty busy till this dry drought of a summer burnt up all the hay in the area. Cody and Sam have both helped David and Jason so much this summer, plus found time to do most of the pre-fair time prep with the cattle. I think David has only had to clip one calf this summer and that was a demonstration for his 4H beef project kids. What young men  I have living in my house. They get up and are in town most mornings before 6am to lift weights in prep for the fall football season, then come home and ask what needs to be done. They blow my mind. Hard to wrap my brain around the fact that in a few more weeks, I will have an 18 year old MAN at my house, wow! And a little over a year from now, Sam will get his learners permit, what the heck, what happened to my little boys, of course as I look UP at them both, I know, they've grown up, but I can still complain a little can't I?

Wanted to share some newer pictures and give everyone a quick glimpse into what's going on with us. It's busy, like normal, and I really have to say, would I like it any other way? Probably not. Big news we will be featured on 'Faces of Agriculture' tomorrow. I will jump back on here tomorrow and share the link, but in case I forget, their website is
County Fair begins tomorrow and yesterday was one month till State Fair, someone please slow this ride down please!
Praying for rain but otherwise loving life,
From Tulip,