Sunday, January 9, 2011


The pictured project this week is a pair of coordinating pillowcases I made for a friend. She one of the people who have reaped the benefit of my PIF (pay it forward) campaign. They went to Alicia Hancock. I have known her since she was a small child. Her family lives at the corner of Hwy EE and 151 (Mom, they live in the 3 dormered roof house, you and Dad love!) I first met her mom Bonnie when I had crafts in the 'Gingerbread House' which a craft co-op shop in the 'old Kinkead's bldg, which is currently the home of 'In Full Bloom' flowershop. Alicia grew up and is now the 8th grade language teacher at CBMS. We have gotten to be friends with our mutual love of the 'Material Girl Quilt Shop' and sewing. I posted a 'shout out' to friends whom I had completed some gifts for the other night on Facebook and she called me on it. So to do her one better, I added her to my list. A little facebook stalking helped me to discover what colors and fabrics would go with items already in her house and darn if my favorite fabric, a piece I have been keeping for a few months now, was the one that went the best with it. She mentioned she'd like pillowcases and of course I didn't have enough to make two identical pillowcases, but made two that coordinated with each other instead. So happened that the green and cream pieces were both in my stash as well. With that thought in mind, I am thinking that I will try to make as many of my PIF gifts as possible from my fabric stash, what a great way to use those pieces I like but didn't have specific projects in mind for and then when the stash is getting low, HA! What a great excuse to work on replenishing it! :)
The pattern I used for the pillowcases came from This is a website that I think I have mentioned before. It is sponsored by Better Homes and Gardens, the goal is to create 1 million pillowcases to be donated to charities throughout the country. Pillowcases go to sick children, older folks in nursing homes and peopl in crisis throughout this country. I have made a few and donated them, hope to make a few more. Our local charitable group that makes items for local kids has decided that Christmas 2011 will be pillow year, we are going to make pretty pillowcases with a new pillow inside and the usual other goodies.
If you are interested in participating at any level, go check out this website, there is much information to learn, PLUS it has a gob of FREE PATTERNS for many variations of the basic pillowcase.
It's been a busy weekend and the week ahead promises more of the same~
From Tulip,