Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Seffy Kamps' and his teeth that smell pretty

This was the pose that I got last night when I asked Seth where he'd been. He had been brushing his teeth and wanted to know if they smelled pretty. He was ready to head to bed, with one last stop by the bathroom to wash supper off of his cheeks. This busy little boy has several of the gray hairs on my head named after him. I thought that it would be noticable in the picture but I don't think it is, the chip in his front tooth from jumping off the top of Sam's bed (top bunk!) He's an absolute hoot to live with, he's drama, he's comedy, he's mind blowing all the time. The man of a thousand faces who always has something to add to whatever is going on. They say you know when you're family is complete, Seth most definitely completes us.
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Leader of the Pack

See Cody even knows Sam is Trouble.......... They just didn't have shirts that said Trouble is spelled S-A-M. Standing 5 foot, I don't care to mention how many inches tall, 'cause he's probably taller than I am. This fellow is my right hand man. I am enjoying and appreciating his help as much as possible right now, as I figure either Dad, tractors and farm OR GIRLS will soon push me to the back burner. Cody totally fits in that 'oldest' child persona. He's dependable (mostly, he's still a boy sometimes) an over acheiver who is very academic (opposite of Sam) who has been known to tell me things like 'there is nothing to read in this house' four days after school lets out for the summer. Or he'll decide that I want to play Presidential Trivia, a game of his that I stink at, and of course he's memorized every little known fact about every President and really needs to share that info with someone. We are so proud of the young man Cody is becoming and I still sit in disbelief trying to remember where the time went, I know it had to be just yesterday that he was my little 'Linus' dragging around his blanket, lovingly named his 'bobby' Guess time flies when you're having fun, right?
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Here's the 'fashion plate' of our house, maybe that's really who Jenna favors, her big brother, Samuel. This one is going to be trouble, he will be the heartbreaker, the guy all the gals are talkin' about. If we could conquer the middle child syndrome and hard headed-ness, he'd be right there close to perfect. Oh maybe a little larger love for reading............ This is the fellow who has went to church mad because we rushed him and didn't give him enough time to pick out exactly what he wanted to wear. This is the one who is the center of attention, but modest and easily embarrassed, which I hope remains. Sam has a pretty strong sense of who he is and if we don't like it, he's confident enough not care.
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I think Jenna takes after my brother!

Not that I am saying Wayne is a crossdresser, 'cause if he is, I don't want to know. I am just pretty sure he's very unlikely to spend his time, reading his sister's boring blogs, and I can get by with blaming my daughter's twisted sense of fashion and style on him mostly. But as a compliment before you 'bull up' Wayne if you actually are reading; My brother is very fashion minded, more so than I am so Jenna must have got from someone other than me and I know David cares even less than I do about fashion, so we're blaming you little brother. So does anyone have any thoughts on her ensemble????????? This is what my days are full of, when she bothers to dress, we get these outlandish outfits that are always entertaining to whomever is lucky enough to attend her fashion shows. Dressing for school this fall ought to prove interesting.
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