Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Here's the 'fashion plate' of our house, maybe that's really who Jenna favors, her big brother, Samuel. This one is going to be trouble, he will be the heartbreaker, the guy all the gals are talkin' about. If we could conquer the middle child syndrome and hard headed-ness, he'd be right there close to perfect. Oh maybe a little larger love for reading............ This is the fellow who has went to church mad because we rushed him and didn't give him enough time to pick out exactly what he wanted to wear. This is the one who is the center of attention, but modest and easily embarrassed, which I hope remains. Sam has a pretty strong sense of who he is and if we don't like it, he's confident enough not care.
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Anonymous said...

Sam my Man, Oh my gosh he looks so much like his Daddy it is unreal. What a hunk. Enjoying the news.
Aunt Olivia