Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Our Ever Evolving Farm---National Ag Day thoughts from this Farm Momma...........

Next summer, The Farmer and I will celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. This spring marks 25 years since we began our journey, dating, getting engaged and so on. I have been reflecting a lot lately on how our farm, which IS our lives, has evolved in a quarter of a century.
The Farmer's Grandfather and his older brother, taken about in the 1900's

Our four kids, taken approximately 100 years later.
In the 25 years that I have known my Farmer, I have had the pleasure to meet and know 4 generations of our hard working farming family. When we were first married, there were three generations involved in the farm. The Farmer's paternal grandparents both passed away the same year that our middle son was born, so they did get to know our oldest. Somewhere there's a 4 generation picture, be darned if I can find it. 

When we were first married, Hasekamp Farms, wasn't H&K back then, raised both cattle and hogs. I can remember some 'lively discussions' at loud volumes that were shared among the generations as we sorted market hogs or really about any other thing that we did with them some days! 

When we first got married, we lived in a 14x70 mobile home that was just north of the main farmstead. About the time that our second son was born, which just so happen to coincide with the passing of the grandparents and The Farmer's sisters graduating college, etc...........we traded houses with The Farmer's parents. Many blog followers likely remember that we outgrew that house about 5 yrs ago and added a sizable addition, which now houses, the 4th generation of Hasekamps. 

We have been lucky and blessed to add acreage to our operation, purchasing, over the year 3 additional farms. With many 'tractor drivers' we have been able to cover the acres. Of course, farm practices have evolved considerably over the last quarter century and not as many 'drivers' are always needed. 

We have doubled the size of our planter and the head of our combines. Both upgrades allow The Farmer and Uncle Honey to cover more acres in a day, which I am always thrilled for anything that makes their work easier. 

After discontinuing to raise hogs, we have increased our cattle numbers, with the addition of a neighbors' herd that my guys also take care of, we up to a few hundred fed and cared for daily. 

When we first were married, we bought a computer, and it literally sat and gathered dust. Today, the computer and internet are some of our most valuable tools, used in research and marketing on a daily, sometimes hourly basis. And it's my FAVORITE tool for sharing our story and AGvocating for Agriculture!

As we look forward to what will life be on H&K in another 25 yrs, or longer, I am reassured of many things. The future is bright. It's ALWAYS a 'busy time of year'. There's more to learn, ways to expand and just one more 'five minute job' to keep us hopping!

Happy National Ag Day!

Thanking my fellow farm families everywhere,

From Tulip~