Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Trinity Leigh Angle

Riddick is a big brother! At 10:48 am this morning, Trinity Leigh Angle arrived. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 12 oz. She's got some blondish brown hair. She has already proved that she's related to her father and is hard headed. She apparently didn't care for that whole upside down thing that babies are supposed to do and instead was sitting on her bottom in there, so the doctors tried to turn her this morning and she didn't like that either, so she arrived via C-section. I think that she had her Daddy more than a little nervous, but everyone is fine and dandy now. I am going to say that she must favor her momma, I compared her pictures with Riddicks newborn ones and she looks a little like him, but I thought that he looked 'just like my babies' which Marshall (nephew on David's side!) disproved that theory this spring, because he REALLY looks like my kids............ so the jury is still out on who she looks like, so stay tuned I guess!

Jenna is very anxious to see her, the boys yeah maybe, they are boys. Seth and Riddick are staying all night together at my parents tonight, we'll see if Grandma Linda survives. wish her luck! I guess afterschool tomorrow we will go and check her out, so watch for further reports.

BTW, they are Regional Hosp in Columbia and will be till probably Saturday. If Wayne and Brittany put her picture on WebNursery thing, I will post the link on here!
Okay so its been a long day, maybe I will get a chance to sit here again very soon and update this blog, I know it's sorely needed it, lots of stories to tell, coming soon I promise.
From Tulip~
KH (Trinity's Aunt!!)
PS--don't you love the 'half blink' thing that my brother is doing in that picture!?!? He'll be THRILLED that I choose t hat one to post on here!