Friday, February 18, 2011

Got Change?

Disclaimer: Sort of disconnected and scatterbrained, kinda think that is just where we are right now in our grief, but had some thoughts and decided to attempt to put them together.

Have you ever noticed that the only consistent thing about life is that is constantly changing? While generally I like the challenge change brings about. Whether its a new improved way of doing something or learning how to program my new cell phone, the education offered in change is a good thing.
As we travel through life, not all changes are welcome. We recently went through a change in our life. Two weeks ago, my dear sweet kind hearted father in law said goodbye to this earthly world in order go onto his reward in paradise. While the brain comprehends the inevitable change and end of the cycle in which cancer had eaten away his earthly body and riddled it unrelentlessly. The heart breaks in sadness, for OUR loss. It's hard to stay focused on the good things that change meant for Bob. The end of his earthly suffering. An eternal life with his Heavenly Father spent enjoying the rewards of paradise.
For us, especially David, the loss is overwhelming. People say, you'll get back to normal. A good friend recently said normal is never the same and she's exactly right. While the day to day quickly enough falls back into a routine, that sense of loss is always there.
Our capacity to love many special people in our lifetimes, is quite extraordinary. While we easily add more people throughout our lives, there are just some people who are irreplaceable, two groups in particular are parents and children. I think part of that are because those are the two most common examples of unconditional love/
If you have been blessed enough to experience that in life, embrace it, it can be fleeting, change is always right around the corner. I feel blessed to experience that love with my parents and certainly feel that with my kids.
I have rambled kind of 'scatteredly' (is that even a word?) between change, love and relationships. I will attempt to tie it up now.
The consistent ever evolving change through the various stages of life does offer us balance. The bad reminds us just how great the good can be. As my family evolves through this painful, 'never the same/new normal' that our recent loss has presented us with; the constant 'turning of a page' is getting ready to once again expand our hearts with a new hope and a new life to be a part of and love. In about a week, our little niece will enter this world, ironically right down the hall from where her Grandpa said good-bye to us. Guess that's balance of life, good changes and bad.
Kind of an odd rambling blog that has made my 3rd graders wonder why there are tears in my eyes,
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