Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Here's another blog that I loved today

As a blogger, I love reading other blogs. This was a good one, I thought. I know where I was ten years ago YESTERDAY. Do you know where you were? Cody and I were watching the Cardinals play the Cubs and its was the big one, Mark McQwire hit the 62nd HR (giving me goosebumps right now) I saw this blog that a sports writer did that said basically how I feel also, who cares what we've learned since, etc etc.......Wasn't the summer of '98 a great one? And he's right!
Here's the web address:,106278&cp=8#comments

His blog has had about 200 comments and unfortunately about half were negative, I posted a positive one. I think I was #180 'love the boys of summer'

Anyway, I know I said earlier I wasn't going to have to blog much, and here I am three blogs TODAY. Guess I should say all the time, I don't have time to blog, because invariably as soon as I say that, I think of all the other things that I 'have' to say.
Okay kids are starving, gotta run.
From Tulip~

One more Quick Blog!

My good friend Meredith (Romine, Mrs. Chad)Stidham, who I have mentioned on my blog several times before has gotten her website going. Go check her out at
She has got a really cute shop and her website is looking great as well. When you're in Centralia pop in and say Hi! She has reinspried my sewing passion as of late. I have two different Christmas gifts in process, which you will be seeing pictures of soon, as the recepients aren't 'online' but don't tell them you saw it here first. I have a cute 'cowboy quilt' started for Gladys and a 'princess quilt' (Jenna named it!) started for my grandmother. No those aren't the names, when I a 'officially' post the pictures, etc. I will try to come up with the right names. They both incorporate a 'None Patch' Quilt Square, Gladys' is set on point and my grandma's has several different sizes of them. More to come!
From Tulip (again)~


Well my favorite time of the year is here. The cooler weather certainly helps us remember the season that I guess doesn't officially start for a couple of more weeks. I have declared it fall at Tulip. We have officially tied up the loose ends from summer, I think we've froze or canned the last items from the garden.
Grand Totals:
138 Quarts of corn Frozen
54 Quarts of Grape Juice Concentrate Canned
Too many strawberries, peaches and apples to count.
My freezers are all full to the brims and I think the two at Beth and Jason's are the same way! Of course alot of these items have happened in the last month, everything was so late! But we were thankful to have it that is for sure!
The last straggling items from our State Fair trek migrated to the attic this morning as my boxes of fall decorations came down, (multitasking!)
Cody's first football game is next week. (Kind of a new fall indicator for me)
We started a new 4H year last week. Our club is significantly smaller this year, we just have to focus on QUALITY, since we don't have QUANTITY!
I am in the planning stages of the kids' birthday party. We are trying something different this year to see how we like it. Since from Cody to Seth their birthdays span less than two months apart total, we are having one big birthday party for all four. We are planning to invite some friends (with their families) over in the afternoon for some games. Then the meal will be a weiner roast which our family is invited to as well, then after the friends leave we will do presents, etc...... One big blast, instead of several small ones.
Lots of big events before and after that party. This weekend is our new pastor's installation, which we are having lunch after that I am catering. Next weekend is my Dad's 60th birthday party. (lots of peanut butter cookies and brownies were the request for my share of the work)
My intention is over the next few weeks to really focus on my Catering Blog and add some pictures of Fall and Halloween treats that can be ordered, so check it out when you get time, the link is on this website along the right hand side bar. Oh there will still be football pictures, birthday pictures, etc. But I would really like that be a helpful tool for my business and it needs work.
Also update for those who might be wondering, Gladys sailed right through her 'partial knee replacement' surgery with flying colors. She is feeling much better but is housebound for a few weeks yet.
Anyway, that's what I know today.
From Tulip~