Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One more Quick Blog!

My good friend Meredith (Romine, Mrs. Chad)Stidham, who I have mentioned on my blog several times before has gotten her website going. Go check her out at
She has got a really cute shop and her website is looking great as well. When you're in Centralia pop in and say Hi! She has reinspried my sewing passion as of late. I have two different Christmas gifts in process, which you will be seeing pictures of soon, as the recepients aren't 'online' but don't tell them you saw it here first. I have a cute 'cowboy quilt' started for Gladys and a 'princess quilt' (Jenna named it!) started for my grandmother. No those aren't the names, when I a 'officially' post the pictures, etc. I will try to come up with the right names. They both incorporate a 'None Patch' Quilt Square, Gladys' is set on point and my grandma's has several different sizes of them. More to come!
From Tulip (again)~

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