Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Easter Picture, a little late

Been a busy place around here lately. Lots of little things, nothing real huge to report, thought I had already uploaded the Easter picture, but apprently hadn't, so here's the 2009 edition of the Hasekamp kiddos on Easter morning. You might note that the profile picture on my blog is of them LAST year......... yes Cody has grown SEVERAL inches, the rest have as well but his is the most noticable, Jenna's golden locks are longer I think and no Sam hasn't really gotten that dark of hair. We colored his hair for State wrestling and haven't cut it yet, so it is still black, thankfully no longer NEON black as it was the first day or two and actually I am getting used to it, so it will look weird to me when we cut it off I think. Seth is sporting his usual bold fashion choices with the boots on the outside of his slacks, but he's got clothes on, so I am not complaining. Jenna's dress was one that Aunt Lynn got her for Christmas. The week before Easter among other things was spent sewing a dress for the American girl doll to match and the little turkey didn't even have her doll in the picture! :) Oh well.
Have had a few catering jobs lately, it always amazes me how one little thing going wrong can totally throw everything into a pickle....... Had a job last week for desserts originally around a 100 that turned into almost 250....... Not that 250 cream puffs would have been a walk in the park, but when they wouldn't rise, etc and I had to regroup, 500 cookies in replacement was a fun challenge......... added to that the ordered Turtle pretzels and dipped strawberries, last week was a little busy! Some of our good friends are getting married in a few weeks and I will be cooking again, this time is supper for up to 200, she is working on a 'head count' for me right now. This one will be great, a good ol' meat and potatoes meal, looking forward to the cooking and to the day.
We are now within the last month of school, so there are many trips into school for misc assemblies, picnics, field trips, etc etc....... will make the last month go fast that's for sure.
Cody graduates from 8th grade, Monday evening, May 18th. We are planning a little get together at the Pool Hall I think for afterwards..... Then BRING ON SUMMER. As I sit here typing and I am being 'called' outside, it is a glorious spring day outside, there's surely something that I can find to do out there? Right??
Well I am headed out to see what I can find. From Tulip~