Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I love a NEW year

Why is it that we are all always so fired up about a New Year? We make resolutions, start diets, etc........with such reckless abandon, its really kinda entertaining. I don't always necessarily make specific resolutions, but have had the same goal for years, organize and simplify my life and keep it maintained, sounds simple, but not always attainable. I remember very distinctly ten years ago, the year I turned 30 was such a year for change in my life. I finally felt like I had my head above water, Cody was 6, Sam was 2. I was ready for something. At the time I had no idea what (mostly that two more blessings were yet to arrive, but that's a whole other blog in and of itself, love my Jenny Kamper and Seffy Kamps!) I can remember having this feeling of I am finally 'old enough' I felt so comfortable in my own skin, satisfaction or contentment maybe, I don't know. It was a year of change in that I started doing daycare, on a very small scale, I started taking care of Nicklaus, as he was born that spring. We bought our first home computer.
9/11 happened. Wow. Doesn't that seem like yesterday? I know our parents said the same thing about Kennedy assassination, and Grandparents about Pearl Harbor. Always interesting to me to think about where we were in our own lives when those moments of history occured.
Fast forward 10 yrs. We have added 3 'in laws' almost 4 nephews/nieces (2nd niece will make her appearance in March) My parents are business owners. David parents have declining health. Our immediate family is MUCH bigger. Our home is in the process of 'growing' to accommodate that. It's been a 'year of change' already for me. All of my kids are in school. I am working not one, not two, but THREE part-time jobs. Ten years ago, we were 'barely' involved in activities, now 4H, FFA, football, wrestling and SO much more are a part of our daily lives.
As I enter this new decade, I feel that urgency of 'change' again. I embraced it ten years ago, and happily do so again today. I am glad its gradual and easy to slide right into. I certainly haven't simplified my life, but I am making great strides on the organizing and maintaining aspects of that goal mentioned above and you know I kinda love the chaos.
In this New Year and 'dawn of a new decade' for me (we have till July before its official) I am doing things now that I never thought I had time for in my simpler life of fewer kids, fewer activities that make my heart so happy. I have started exercising again (WOW have I ever NEEDED to do that!?!?!) and doing things for others, just because I want to (that one makes my heart really happy!) I am kinda making a few resolutions, but shhh, don't tell. Some things I have been adding lately are: when I get on facebook, I look at the friends that happen to pop up along the left hand side of my profile page and say a PRAYER for them, no I don't always know what their particular trials are, but that's okay, God knows. The few times I enter a drive-through lane to get something convenient for our day, I buy the person behind me's meal. Have done that about 5 times in the last two months! I have to say, I love that 'honk' I have I gotten! :) On facebook just yesterday, there was a pay it forward post, and I who NEVER participate in those, DID. I have a list of about 6 friends who commented and I am aleady thinking of fun things that I can make them. I picked up two free patterns for a couple of friends at a fabric store yesterday that feature items each have mentioned wanting to make, YAY! Have been very excited thinking of all the 'pay it forward' things I am GOING to do this year. I have already logged 15 miles of exercise this year! and its only 5th!
I am looking forward to this NEW YEAR, and even more excited about the new decade that is coming soon. Heck I have BLOGGED twice this year, yeah its gonna so rock in 2011.
Listening to the contractors climbing around on my roof and smiling thinking of the finished project~
From Tulip,