Friday, June 20, 2014

Crockpot Beef Brisket

Beef Brisket from Kitchen Counter Chronicles

A few days ago, I promised another recipe post. In sharing recipes on this blog, my usual routine is to make the food, take pictures during the prep and then write up the blog entry. Well, life got in the way. But I have talked and talked about this recipe to so many people, I wanted to be sure and share the link to the recipe.

Kitchen Counter Chronicles is a blog I came across several weeks ago in my search to find some way to prepare beef brisket. It's one cut of meat that I love to eat, when someone else cooks it, but I have never figured out a prep that I was happy with the results-----------UNTIL NOW.

This summer with all the changes from the norm that my household is transitioning through, I have done quite a bit of research into recipes that my kids can help prepare, since they are generally home more than I am. I have also tried to really consider my resources and use up what we have, so some creative uses for cuts of meat that I am lucky enough to already have in my freezer was part of that research. Our kids are getting older and are more able to help out in this way. I am also in hopes that I am helping them be better prepared for adult life in all of these skills that they are learning. That is my consolation for the mother guilt that plagues me being away from them so much of the time.

Anyway, back to the brisket. This is the easiest prep I have found for brisket and totally rocks fixing it in the Crockpot as the house doesn't get heated up. We have eaten it both sliced and shredded, love it each way. Go check out the link and enjoy a hearty meal with your family.

Quick post from 'work' as I try to organize the rest of my day,
(not) From Tulip~

Monday, June 16, 2014

What's for Dinner Wednesday---Quick and Easy Chicken and Stuffing

In this busy life of two town jobs for the month of June, I have barely gotten to catch my breath, much less, do something I like to do............but I had a minute and a new recipe, so here goes.

Quick and Easy Chicken and Stuffing

6 frozen boneless chicken breasts
1 can 'cream of' soup (I used mushroom tonight)
2 boxes of Stove Top stuffing, any flavor, prepared (I used the generic and cornbread flavor)
'Some' grated cheese (tonight it was the end of the bag of mozzarella and the end of the bag of cheddar)

Prepare the stuffing according to directions. Place chicken breasts in large shallow baking dish. Cover chicken with spoonfuls of the soup. Cover that with the stuffing. Sprinkle with grated cheese. Bake at 375 degrees about 45 minutes.

While probably 75% of our meals a based around a cut of beef, I do buy the 'big bag' of frozen chicken breast for an occasional break in routine. My mother shared her version of this recipe with me last fall and we tweaked it a bit to suit our tastes and doubled it to feed our household and its a great 'quick meal' which seems to be the theme of my cooking as of late.

And now the picture------

Well, since I am  blogging..............a quick recap......planting is done. First cutting of alfalfa was chopped and bagged for sileage. Oldest son has a 'town job' in the evenings, middle son is amidst summer conditioning for football, daughter has taken over lunch cooking duties with my TWO town jobs, littlest son has become an expert jeans towels and sheets laundry guy. My Farmer is up to his eyeballs in hay. 

I am planning to make another new favorite beef recipe tomorrow night, if I remember to take a few pictures I will be posting it soon, stay tuned!

Gotta love summer, hoping to actually get to enjoy it soon,
From Tulip~