Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tune In Tuesdays--Friends with Blogs

Generally on Tuesday I post something about a book or a movie or a song that I like and why. Well today, I decided to share three blogs that I follow. They are all three written by other Farming Women, like myself. We all are involved in varying degrees in our farm operation. We've all got kids and have developed quite a friendship. I thought you might enjoy a recent Facebook 'Conversation' we had:

I posted the following question:

You knew you were a farm wife when....................... (for those who grew up on a farm, it may not have been as obvious, but I thought it might be a fun question) For me, when my dad laughed at me when we (just him and I) were driving down the highway and I cranked my neck around to see what series tractor was being hauled on a semi going the other way................I can think of more, but I will add after the rest take a turn. :)

Laurie Link you get excited about new seed caps, jackets, sweatshirts that your husband brings home.

Kathy Hasekamp LOL, my husband sells seed, I get excited now about him getting them passed out and them not sitting around my house, but yeah, you've got the idea........... how about when the State Fair falls early (like this year for MO) and that means you get a few days between getting home and starting school? Wait that might be farm MOM more than farm WIFE........ LOL

Nicole Small More free magazines are your mailbox than ones you pay for.

Kathy Hasekamp .............if you've served lunch off the tailgate of the truck, don't own a cooler, water jug or many coffee mugs that don't have a seed, chemical or equipment logo on them.......

Julie Vogts when early meant 8:00pm he would be home!

Kathy Hasekamp early is anytime before dark isn't it?

Nicole Small You have ever left in the middle of a meal for a livestock emergency...cattle are out, or a heifer needs help calving.

Kathy Hasekamp yeap, or didn't eat said meal until ridiculously late like midnight because of aforementioned emergency............... arriving late to school, church or other social function because of cattle OR of course having to leave early, same reason.........

Nicole Small You have pulled coveralls on over dress clothes so you could leave as soon
as the farmer is done with needing you.

Laurie Link You have washed in your washing machine pliers, pens, nails, rocks, beans, etc......

Kathy Hasekamp and clean as much straw or grain out of lint trap in dryer as you do actual lint.

Laurie Link Lol Kathy! Kids played on the hay yesterday and I am finding hay through the house!

You can imagine the fun conversations we have. Their blogs are great reading as well. Please go visit them and tell them Kathy sent ya!

Tales of a Kansas Farm Mom

Country LINKed

Between the Sunsets

Getting in a quick blog entry while puppy sleeps and knowing the rest of the week is BUSY,
From Tulip~

Monday, February 18, 2013

Monday mornings in Missouri--Meet Maci

Meet our newest family member, Maci. She part Boxer and part Lab. She's about 6 weeks old, was born Jan. 4th. The kids are obssessed already. The Farmer is smitten and I have taken probably as many pictures of her as I did our kids when they arrived.

We are debating whether she will be a inside dog or not so we are trying to start potty training. Of course everyone wants to do the fun stuff and I was the one who cleaned the 'oops' up last night. Wish us luck as we jump into this new adventure.

Would blog longer, but have to continue to puppy proof my house, you forget pretty quickly what all is down low until there's someone investigating them up close and personal.

Typing with a footwarmer asleep at my feet,
From Tulip~