Saturday, July 25, 2009

My new purse

Inspired by beautiful purses made by my friend, Lori (her blog: ) I decided after spending way too much on yet another blog, which is to make the 'Charming Handbag'.

I needed a purse to match my outfit for this evening. It's my 20 year class reunion. (matching accessories are important for these events, LOL) I had purchased a 'charm pack' (for the uneducated on these things, its a packet of precut fabric squares, 5" all from the same line of fabric, so beautifully coordinated!) My original intention for purchasing this was that I have a wedding next spring, daughter of a friend and I thinking about a quilt for the gift. Like paint at my house fabric has to live with me awhile and age, then it can become something.

I shopped this week for a new outfit for the aforementioned reunion and came up with something, out of character for in that it's 'frilly and girlie' but I will live........ It's a cute top in teals, taupes, cream and brown with a little yellow and green. Bought some cream colored tailored capris to go with and a cute necklace.......... I am a HUGE purse ADDICT and really looked for a purse to go with it, but since this outfit isn't the usual 'Kathy' fare......... sturdy and leather didn't seem to I had decided, oh well...........until........

I was on the Moda website (again for those who don't already know, Moda is a brand name of fabric, one I have come intimately acquainted with via Material Girl Quilt Shop!!! YAY MEREDITH!!!) Anyway, I saw the CUTE CUTE CUTE Charming Handbag on there and decided to give it a whirl. Now I did some altering of the pattern, instead 16 4" squares, I did 9 5" squares and I didn't put the plastic piece in the bottom and only used quilt batting for interior stiffness, whatever you call that......... anyway this also marking to firsts for me......machine quilting and having an appealing result and I actually used pins during most of the times that it was suggested and yes I think it probably made it all come out much better, most of my points meet, no easing of the extra fabric was needed, etc.........

I am excited to use my new purse. Speaking of using it, I have a reunion to get ready for.

Until next time,

From Tulip~

PS--yes I added a button to the front after the picture was taken and the Moda fabric line that most of this purse is made of is Moda's Figgy Pudding, which is actually a Christmas line, ok, gotta go!!!! :)