Wednesday, May 22, 2013

What's for Dinner Wednesday---Pot Roast

Typed the basic post up last week, one day while subbing at school, kinda wishing I had started a roast this morning, as today, like a lot of my days, is a busy one. This evening is 8th Grade Promotion and tomorrow is the last day of school. It's still May and Beef month, so I really felt like even without pictures (you all know how I feel about the need for a picture with a recipe) I decided to post the following:

One of the greatest fringe benefits of being a farm wife and raising cattle, is that at any given time, there is about my choice of beef cuts in our freezer. Of course, like most people, ground beef/hamburger, is a quick go-to choice for supper, because of its versatility. When summer rolls around, we move through the steaks, as we enjoy cooking on the grill and do probably 3 times a week in warm weather, if not more often than that. Not having grown up on a farm, probably the cut of beef that I was least familiar with, would be roasts. Knowing now, what I didn't know then, at least as far as preparation, I am surprised my mom didn't make more roasts. But when I go looking at the retail meat case, I realize how high most meat is and figure my momma was on a budget and that's fine.

Roasts are best cooked slowly. They are ideal 'crock pot' food. In fact, they likely find their way to my crock pot about once a week. We have a beef butchered at the meat locker and have our roasts cut into 3-4 pound sizes.

This my 'recipe' such that it is..................roast, one can 'cream of' soup, one packet dry onion soup, one box beef broth, some chopped onion, season salt, brown gravy mix and/or Knorr beef stock packet. All of this goes into the crock pot with potatoes to cook supper for me while I run around in the craziness that is a typical day at H&K Farms. It is nice to have all the food for the day mostly cooked before lunch time. I tend to get caught up in a project and without my crock pot, a lot of nights supper would pretty skimpy, thrown together or likely something quick, so the crock pot and great cuts of beef, like a roast insure that my family has a balanced meal in the evening.

Stopping only for a moment to add this post, then its back at it, on with my crazy life,

From Tulip~