Tuesday, April 15, 2008

'Seffy Kamps' and his teeth that smell pretty

This was the pose that I got last night when I asked Seth where he'd been. He had been brushing his teeth and wanted to know if they smelled pretty. He was ready to head to bed, with one last stop by the bathroom to wash supper off of his cheeks. This busy little boy has several of the gray hairs on my head named after him. I thought that it would be noticable in the picture but I don't think it is, the chip in his front tooth from jumping off the top of Sam's bed (top bunk!) He's an absolute hoot to live with, he's drama, he's comedy, he's mind blowing all the time. The man of a thousand faces who always has something to add to whatever is going on. They say you know when you're family is complete, Seth most definitely completes us.
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