Thursday, March 5, 2009

March Madness has nothing to with Basketball at our house!

Sitting here at the computer this morning, I am feeling guilty that there are so many other things that I really OUGHT to be doing. But I have really missed getting to regularly add blogs to this site, so crossing my fingers and hoping to make this a higher priority. As I mentioned in the last post, yes I am enjoying Facebook, but I have had a goal in my 'facebook time' It's been a great tool in finding classmates and our goal of 'finding everyone' is much closer. Just a few to go! Our Class Reunion plans seem to be hard to get 'in ink' as we keep running into to conflicts with location, etc..... we are determined to have the reunion and want to stick with our current date of July 25th as the date seemed to suit most people the best. (Crossing my fingers and hoping my back yard isn't the only location available, but will take on for the team if necessary!)
Wrestling is starting it's wind up towards the FINALE at the end of the month. Districts are this weekend in Jefferson City. Sam is seeded 1st in his bracket, there are 6 others in the bracket, he's beaten at least 4 others more than once this year and the other two are first year wrestlers, so he's feeling pretty good about his prospects. And for Sam it's all about the shirt and I promised a 'district champ' t-shirt if he wins it all, so he's got a goal! ;) Cody is seeded 3rd. The districts' top 6 qualifiers go on to Regionals next weekend and that is at Wentzville, MO. From there the top 4 go to State at Hearnes Center the last weekend of March!
4-h is seems to get busier all the time, there are several county activities going on right now, preparations are being made towards this summer's fair, this month is a fundraiser. At our household, calves are being lead pretty well everyday mostly still by David and Bob, but the boys are spending some time in the barn with curry combs and doing a little leading. That will change as soon as wrestling is over, the boys will start spending ALOT more time with them, plus helping the men with field work, which of course we are hoping starts promptly the first of April! (cross your fingers!)
There is one final hog on our farm.......... everything else has been sold, so with all of their 'free time' the men have been working on some new projects. Beth and Jason took over the 'ABS' dealership (which means they now sell cattle semen) We will also being offering the service of AI-ing cows for customers. David and Beth got certified last weekend and Jason already is. Projects around here to help out with this little venture have been the tearing down of our farrowing huts that were along the south side of the little barn behind our house. The guys are building a corral and pen system to make it easier to get our cows in for that pasture and whenever someone would bring in a group of cows to get bred, this system would help in moving the groups around. It looks very nice, David has spent alot of time on the welder. I think he looks forward to the project getting done.
As always there's much more I could share, but that list of what all else, I SHOULD be doing is looming, so I should probably start tackling some of the jobs.
From Tulip~

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