Monday, January 12, 2009

David's Birthday, catching up and misc.

Hello there
Seems like forever since I have taken time to write! That was a very long Christmas break, and I for one am glad to be back into the routine of school! Today is David's birthday! He's....... older than me, and that's all I better say. He's taking getting older and having a birthday with alot better attitude than normal, so I won't push it! :) We had 20 people for lunch yesterday to celebrate. I served Pork loin, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, slaw and macaroni and cheese. My mom brought crock pot corn, Grandma brought jello, and Gladys made one of David's favorite's, German Chocolate Cake. So we ATE WELL.
So much has happened since my last entry. The boys have been to two wrestling tournaments. At Boonville the weekend after Christmas, they took second and third, which they were pleased with. Then on the 3rd we went to Blair Oaks, I say we as we ALL went. The little kids did better than I expected them to. And the boys had spectacular days. They both got second place in their respective divisions. Sam pinned two guys and Cody pinned one! GREAT DAY! We went with our good friends, Bob and Margo and their kids to a great pizza place afterwards, Arri's across from the capital in Jeff City. For us that is almost as much a tradition during wrestling season for tourney's in JC as a stop to Central Dairy for ice cream.
Jenna who has been 'blessed' with bad teeth has had an expensive Christmas break, going twice to the dentist and we have one more appointment scheduled and will be racking up a HUGE bill, of course farmers don't have dental coverage!! We thought that she was going to be even MORE expensive as she's been having some ear problems, another one of those 'blessings' of heredity and we had considered putting tubes in her ears. With the BIG dental bills, we are going to hold off at least for now. Not to say next week we will have changed our minds. :)
I am very excited and looking forward to some Quilting classes that I have registered to take at 'Material Girl Quilt Shop' in town. Meredith has a great assortment of classes that she's offering through winter and early spring. There are several good classes with an assortment of totes and purses that you can make. There's even a luggage class, too cool! These are being taught by Lori Van Maanen. Some are on Saturdays, some through the week. Meredith is teaching several different quilt in a day type of classes also! I have signed up for one called 'Honeyberries' this is quilt made with strips of fabric and looks really cool with black and white, which I believe is what I will be making mine out of. There's teddy bear class that looks neat, taught by Meredith's mother in law, Judy Stidham. Also Lori V. is teaching a class where you'll make a cute trendy belt. almost every class is under $30 which is very affordable when you consider the time spent by the teachers. Several of the all day classes, maybe even all include LUNCH! So that's really cool too. I think that these classes would be great for those who love to sew or would like to learn how to, Meredith offers a wide variety for all skill levels. Go in and check the schedule! Think if you start now, what great gifts you could give this year for Christmas!! :)
Well the kids are home and I am trying to manage supper, homework and chores, so I better close this. Hoping that everyone had a blessed holiday and is comfortable settling into 2009!
From Tulip~

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