Thursday, November 12, 2009

More Pictures and Updates

Since it was pointed out that I failed to make any mention of having a daughter, thought that I would mention that yes Jenna still lives here with us, much to her dismay somedays. I think she would move in with Rosel and her sheep at any given moment if given the chance. Although we scored fairly well at her birthday, she got to have a party with her friends, (see picture if it uploaded) also got a pair of Pink Justin Gypsies for her birthday, in laymans terms cowboy boots, which is the ONLY thing that has been on her feet since. She's having a great year at school, blowing me away with how quickly she's learning to read (thank goodness!) talks alot about a little boy named Lance, but he's not her boyfriend! :) And she's patiently awaiting turning 8 (just turned 7 on the 1st of Nov) because she knows that 8 is the magic age of being in 4H which she has waited her whole life to be in! Then she can FINALLY show cattle, no more of this bottle calf and sheep showing stuff, she'll be in the big leagues and Cody and Sam look out! Alas one more summer of bottle calves and lambs, and yes she's already asked if there is any calves that need a momma! OMG ;)

Also if they upload, I added a picture of Cody IN his Football uniform, playing in the marching band at halftime of the game the other night. And I think you are seeing a picture of Dad and I at the Veterans Ceremony yesterday.......for some reason however I used to upload pictures onto this blog easily in the past isn't working so well today.
Well it looks like there MIGHT be pictures on this post, so from Tulip~

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