Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veterans Day!

Today was a really great one! Sam's school honored Veteran's with the 'Old Glory' project. Each student picked a veteran who was special to them and wrote them a letter. It told them why they wanted to honor them. And it also invited them to a Ceremony held at Sam's school today. Sam picked Dad. During the ceremony he presented him with a Flag that he had written a short essay on the 'white stripes' about what Freedom means to him. This was just an awesome event. Complete with the local VFW presenting the colors, the 5th graders sang America the beautiful. Mrs Dickerson the Social Studies teacher had several students read their letters aloud and the essays they wrote on the flags. What a wonderful tribute to all veterans, I can't imagine spending Veterans Day any other way!

Quick update on the life at Hasekamps~

Football is still in full swing! Our varsity is ranked #1 in the State and is in the process of making their way to the state championships! All of the boys get to dress out, the entire JV and Freshman teams, so Cody is on the sidelines and we are in the stands. He also plays on the Marching Band at halftime. Speaking of Cody since Band and Football don't

keep him busy enough, he's also in FFA and went to the national convention in October which was in Indianapolis, IN. Had a great time there I think, his story he enjoys sharing the most is that 'Mike Rowe of Dirty Jobs (cable TV show)' was the opening session speaker and he thought he was amazing!

Sam has started wrestling season. (Cody is too old for club, and also decided to not wrestle in HS, which actually now that I am over it, is okay, less driving)

Cody got his permit, that's been interesting, and I will leave it at that.

Seth is going to preschool three mornings a week. (I am sewing at the Quilt shop while he's there, saves gas driving back and forth and wait till everyone sees at Christmas what all I have made!)

David is done harvesting beans, they are shelling corn now, running behind but October was SO WET, it couldn't be helped.

Would like to blog longer, but 4H is tonight and there's no missing, as this year I am the Community leader aka for in charge..........

Till next time,

From Tulip~


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