Sunday, May 12, 2013

Silent Sunday (going to break the 'rules')

I usually do a Silent Saturday or Sunday post, mostly because its a great way to catch up if I haven't blogged all week with pictures and quick captions. But, this week its going to be hard to be silent, so indulge me a proud momma post, since's it's Mother's Day and all..........

Sam had his final Fine Arts night as a Band student. With all that they do in High School, he's not going to try and keep Band in the mix of activities, so this was his final performance, so to speak.
Sam had his 8th grade dance AKA 'Poo Poo Prom' His little date was Maddie Taylor, daughter of our good friends, Todd and Mandy, who are part of our 'cattle showin' family, for those keeping track.
Aren't they absolutely gorgeous?
Cody at Scholarship night, so after adding up what he's received and comparing to what the FAFSA 'says' we should be able to contribute, sitting pretty nicely FOR THIS YEAR.........the next three, yikes! ;)
Cody receiving Profiency Award at FFA Banquet.
Cody presents The Farmer and yours truly with Honorary Chapter Degrees at the Banquet.
Our oldest, in his cap and gown.
Our family=blessed!

Okay so a quick run down, 5 school events this week, plus a party at our house with over 120 people from three different states besides this one, now if I could only veg out tomorrow, but not too many opportunities to sub left, so its off to work I go. What a week!

Enjoying a bowl of 'leftover' graduation ice cream (yes Homemade) what considering JUST HOW BLESSED this Mother's Day has been,

From Tulip~



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