Friday, August 15, 2008

Grooming Lessons

The boys are really starting to do alot more of the grooming with David advising them on technique. Here Sam is trimming the hairs along the tail head for a nice straight even line. I think it's good that they are doing more, as we are getting more and more calves every year and in two more years Jenna will be showing as well, and two after that Seth will be. So everyone is going have to be good at all jobs in order to get everything ready for the show ring.
Feeling a little better about the changes since the earlier posts. I am just reminded that on the farm as in life change is constant. Sam's heifer had her calf last night and Jenna and I just went out to see it. I just have to remind myself that my kids and their calves and life are constantly changing. Maybe I ought to dig out my rose colored glasses.........
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