Thursday, August 14, 2008

State Fair, setting up at the Barn

We got to the State Fair on Saturday afternoon and set up our camp. Then after receiving our stall assignments on Sunday morning we went right to work. We had taken our Club 4-H sign which Sam was hanging up when I snapped this picture. We stalled with Melanie Kable, the younger sister of our brother in law, Jason. We had a pretty busy day Sunday, we sat up the stalls in the barn, weighed the steers, who weighed, Buddy at 1305 and Bubba at a whooping 1540, then had to go over to the Sheep Barn and get Jenna ready to do the 'Pee Wee Leadline' We enjoyed a great lunch at the exhibitor cafeteria. We bbq-ed steaks for supper. Saturday night was plenty cold for sleeping but the day on Sunday was beautiful temps, then Sunday was a little warmer. It didn't look like to us that there were as many people at the fair this year, but the ones who did attend couldn't have asked for better weather.
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