Tuesday, August 19, 2008


There is just something about little boys and dirt that draws me in everytime. Maybe it explains why I fell in love with a farmer or makes it a blessing in my life to have three sons who all can get and have gotten really dirty from time to time. We are in this new mode of life now, Seth and I, at home all day together. If I go outside he goes with me. If he's outside and I come out, he goes somewhere else. Kind of a one way street, Mommy has to check in with him, but he doesn't feel the need to check in with me! Little turkey. I did catch him at the sandbox awhile ago and he indulged his mothers need to capture moments of fun and play featuring a dirty little boy. (For those who are wondering, yes that's our sandbox in the background, and YES its the top ring of a hog feeder, we use the lid too, works great, and the cats stay out!!!!)
Not quite as weep-y today about my little girl going to school. The report yesterday afternoon was that she had a great time, went to recess twice, and ate salad for lunch. Sounds good to me. Got the usual from Sam, yeah it was okay. Cody was pretty tight lipped about his day. He was pretty wore out from the first day of football practice. Then his father decided that he needed a little more 'conditioning' and we hauled 250 bales of grass hay after he got home last night. No, nobody made bedtime last night and we were lucky that there wasn't any reprocussions (sp?) this morning. We will all ease into this transition I suppose, probably just in time for the next one start................
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