Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Cody's first football game was tonight and they won! 24 to 0. (btw, the 7th grade also won, 16 to 0) They played South Shelby, which is the home of the only HS team to even score on our HS team this year so far. I believe all the teams, Varsity, JV, Freshman, and middle school are all undefeated!! Great time to be in Centralia if you love football!
I have to admit, I only just like it, it's growing on me. Without having it as a school sport growing up, I just don't really 'get it' but I am learning. Here's Cody's stats, carried the ball 4 times, for a total of 13 yards, and considering he's not the 'star' (receiver?) I didn't think that was too bad. He plays on the special team that 'receives' when the other team kicks (see how much I DON'T KNOW!) plus tonight he played both offense and defense. We kind of got on him, at the end of the game, the kid he was guarding got the football thrown towards him, kind of a last second 'hail Mary' shot at the end of the game, Cody was right there and the receiver wasn't, but he just knocked it down. He said he could have caught it, he was in position and ready, but he said the coach just told him to knock it down. And we all know, your best bet is 'following orders' They have some stuff to work on, but it was a good game. I took the other three and fed them while the 7th grade was playing, the 8th graders have to stay and David along with a couple of his friends were the 'chain gang' (7th grade dads do the 8th grade games, so it was their turn) I think he enjoyed that as much as watching Cody's game.
Anyway, I have a muddy uniform to wash,
From Tulip~

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