Friday, October 3, 2008

Why there's never as many pictures of Cody

I think I have figured out why I never seem to have pictures of Cody. First off it's fate letting the rest of the kids catch up. Being the first kid, Cody has a GAZILLION pictures taken of him, of course most are in the first three months of his life! :) But keeping up with Cody is a challenge which I don't accomplish most days. He's busy with football, both his and HS. Every Friday he is working with the Radio Guys, Dave Holsinger and Bobby Fisher, and his friend,Brady Dopler, announcing the HS football games. His team plays once a week and of course practices everyday that there isn't a game. And by the way, this week during their game (and WIN!) with Hallsville, Cody scored a touchdown!!! We were all very excited about that! He carried the ball for around 70 yards that night. He's playing in the band, if I am keeping up, he's playing the fugel horn right now, he started out on Cornet/Trumpet and has also played French Horn. I won't even start listing the 4H, and other School activities. He's my busy boy who when we got him a cell phone, we figured he'd probably rarely use it, well a year and half later, he never leaves home without it.
Also we measured everyone the other night, he's three inches taller than me and about 3 or 4 inches short of catching David. 5'10"-ish. The others had grown alot too, of course, I think that the average growth was probably 3 inches in the last year for everyone. I know keeping them in long enough jeans, etc is a challenge that I face daily (don't always accomplish that one either!)
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