Monday, December 15, 2008

Journal Covers

I went to a class at Material Girl Quilt Shop several weeks ago and learned how to make journal covers. It's a really cute fabric cover for the 'composition' sized note books. I am planning to try and cover different sizes, but for Christmas gifts, decided to stick with the original size. These are so fun and quick, it feeds my need/obsession to 'design' a 'quilt' I love the hunt, finding fabrics that go together and also love the piecing, but am not generally patient enough to actually quilt a a project and since you don't actually quilt in this project, ALL THE BETTER! Pictured are four different ones that I made. I made two others that I forgot to snap a pic of before they got wrapped, so maybe they will show up on here AFTER Christmas.

Locals, if you are looking for fun projects to entertain yourself with this winter, go to Meredith's Quilt Shop link from here on my blog, which is the Material Girl Quilt Shop, or just stop by. I know that she has several more classes scheduled starting in January through early Spring. Tell her I told you to come in!!

Well the kids are home today from school as the roads are slick and its bitterly cold, so I think we are going to play catch up on housework and laundry and I just know that they can't wait to get started, so I better close!!! ;)

From Tulip~


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