Monday, December 1, 2008

Little 'Angle' Girls

Don't have time this morning to write a long blog, but wanted to share a picture of a couple of little angels........... Jenna Claire whose last name might be Hasekamp, but anyone who knew me about 30 yrs ago would swear her name should be Angle! And the absolute thrill of Thanksgiving Day for her, holding her new little cousin, Trinity. I had to wait a long time for a 'girl' cousin, 11 yrs! Jenna was very lucky not have to wait that long. She picked out the outfit that Trinity has on, right up Jenna's alley, pink and brown and cowgirl themed, Trinity I hope you realize that as long as your cousin is picking it out, you have no choice, you're gonna be a cowgirl! I would love to write all about our thankful Thanksgiving, and we had a great one, hopefully I will get the opportunity soon!

So, from Tulip~


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