Tuesday, August 5, 2008

4H Swim Party

Here's Jenna, the only one of my children who could stop long enough during the swim party to get her picture taken. Sunday night was our annual 4H Swim Party. We had a short meeting and light supper then enjoyed the pool. I even went down the water slide, in fact several times. Of course was reminded the next morning that I am no spring chicken anymore, with a sore neck and back, etc etc. It was either the water slide or a certain pair of young men my oldest and my adopted even older 5th child, Cody and Matt, who thought it was necessary to dunk me!!! Anyway this week is a busy one, we are getting ready for the State Fair. Just sent David out the door with warm pies to his COC mtg and the kids and I are headed out shopping for 'stuff' for the fair. Probably won't get a chance to be on here again till next week. Hope everyone is having a great summer.
Watching the rain drip off the awning of my office window,
From Tulip~
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