Saturday, April 5, 2008

Final Destination (ImagiNation)

We won't have to frantically raise $$$ for the next few weeks. I got a 'text' from Cody and they didn't make the top two in their challenge, so they won't be attending the global finals in Knoxville next month. If you can read 'sad' in the five words that he texted me, I would say he's sad. You know us moms we can read into anything we want when it comes to our kids. but I think he's 'bummed' he texted b/c he didn't want to call. Poor guy they worked so hard on their project. But 'going all the way' last year, almost set them up for the disappointment this year. (just got another text, maybe he's not bummed, just wanting to text someone! :) He says that they got 8th. I say that's fine and that's what I told him. Lots of factors very different this year and I think he knew that going in.
Anyway, promise no more blogging this weekend~

Maybe! ;)

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