Thursday, April 3, 2008

Reality Check

I remember thinking three or four years ago that all the people 'addicted' to reality TV were crazy. I thought what kind of boring life is this person leading that they are willing to sit and watch what goes on in other peoples' lives???? Well fast forward a few years and I have joined the cult so to speak. Now I don't watch stuff like 'Real World' (is that even still on?)
but I have to admit I love the 'TLC' channel, and Discovery and some of the others. Not that I am advocating sitting in front of the TV for hours on end. I don't think that is good for anyone, especially our kids. It's nice to relax though for an hour or so after the shorties are in bed.
I think what draws us to reality shows is that sense of kinship with the characters. No David or I aren't 'little people' but we can so appreciate what Matt and Amy Roloff go through on a daily basis with life with four kids. (even the boy, boy, girl, boy order matches up with us) I feel their stress getting their kids to activities, trying to make memories, running a family business and just trying to raise kids. And on a side note, Amy is my hero, I can't imagine all of America seeing my house, which unfortunately is fairly regularly very similar to Amy's on the cleanliness level. That is a woman confident in who she is! Kudos to her. Now do we agree with everything they do? Nope, but I bet that would be a two way street. It's just interesting to see that you aren't alone, other peoples' kids fight, don't always behave and get into mischief, just like ours!
We love 'Deadliest Catch' also on TLC, right? Maybe it's Discovery. No matter, if you know the show, you probably appreciate the pull there as well. Again we aren't crab fishermen, but we own our own business, have fun with our fellow business people and work in stressful situations, maybe not with the danger of drowning in the ocean, but all jobs and lifestyles have their risks. Always nice to see they are just average joes doing their jobs, just like the rest of us.
Oh there's a million more shows and we could go on and on............. but here's my question, when will it be enough? When will this get boring? Remember 10-15 years ago, when we never thought that we would get tired of sit-coms? How many new sit-coms are there today? Not many. Or maybe 5-10 yrs farther back than that, the days of Dynasty and Dallas?????? Soap operas were the show of that era. It's very interesting to me to watch how public interest changes. Makes me wonder what's next..............
Here's a rundown of several reality shows and OUR opinions, strictly our opinion, feel free to agree or disagree, because we all have our own opinions and that is totally fine. (in other words I don't want to get a gazillion emails that you don't like one I do or even why do you watch them)
Okay here goes:
Dirty Jobs-totally love it, I personally could do without the rat and mice ones, but it follows the theme
Scott Baio-kinda neat to see that the old 'crush' as a preteen still doesn't look to bad :P
John and Kate--omg and I thought I was up to my eyeballs!
Trading Spaces--loved the really old ones, kind of didn't like the changes, glad Paige is back.
High School Reunion--kind of interests us, in that we are that age, sad that such a big % of that 'social circle' are all divorced, but I guess that too is life.
Bret Michaels--not sure its reality, and if it is, kind of sad, although we laugh our heads off at how pitiful some of those chicks are.
Gene Simmons--we watch it------Rock God/'wiped' "husband" wonder how many times Shannon has said jump and he's asked how high, but we love him
Dog---white trash at their finest, pray before we hunt, call the criminal ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING you can think of, make friends on the ride to jail, kiss and hug on them before they go in, OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think that the real reason they were off the air is that they had to ship new bleep buttons to the production crew, lol
American Chopper, loved it in the day, kind of getting boring now. The original pull is gone, they are no longer average joes, they're millionaires.
My big Redneck Wedding- pitiful that people are proud to act like that, some of the examples make rednecks everywhere look bad, tee hee
Oh there's a million more, some that we have watched, some I said above, that was the short list.
Some nights I just miss M*A*S*H..................
That's what I know this rainy cool damp morning~

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